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Discussion in 'Parenting' started by Earthy Mama, Sep 9, 2005.

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    I don't know what to do. My memory loss since I've become pregnant is unbelieveable. I think worse than normal. I seriously can not remeber half the stuff I need to. Normal things. I need to be told simple instructions numerous times. I constantly repeat myself and don't remember ever having said or had the conversation before. I blank out complete hours. I have a hard time recalling things in the day. Its so strange... and I lost my paycheck this week. I'm freaking out. It was a large amount...and I'm so afraid of someone else finding it and using it. God knows what else I've lost and haven't realized it yet. I almost left my purse in a resturant the other day. I take prenatals but I need to find something better because this has to end. Its driving me crazy. I'm so upset and worried. This much of a problem with memory loss isn't normal is it? Is there any kind of vitamins I can take to help myself? I feel so out of control.
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    there are things you can take for that you can find them at a food co op they are vitamins. Not sure how well tehy work I have just seen them before. If you don't have one near you maybe you can order them over the phone to send to you.


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    Maybe beef up on the omega 3s. That same thing was happening to me after I had my son. I couldn't carry on a normal conversation. I was just dumd for a month or so. A friend said "That baby is eating your brain." She was right. I started eating more fish (fatty tissue=brains) and it worked. I can't totally explain the science behind it right now but it did work. More omega 3- Evening primrose oil is a great source of plant-based omega three and helps get your uterus ready for delivery- check with your health-care provider or a midwife to see if it is safe to use at your current stage of pregnancy. If you eat me try more fish.
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    or you can try rapeseed oil, it also contains a lot of omega-3, and other good stuff. It's becoming really popular in germany as a plant based, and thus cheaper alternative to fish.

    The funny thing is, here in germany they are also making rapeseed diesel, and it works, and it one of the most environmentalyfriendly car fuels there are. It's amazing! The plant takes up a lot CO2 during growth, and only that CO2 is released during combustion of the fuel. sorry for changing topic.....
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    if it makes you feel any better, when i was pregnant, one night i forgot what time my work closed. i pre-closed the whole place down 2 hours early, and everyone kept mentioning how we were so ahead, and i was freaking out tellingthem "what are you talking about? we're so far behind!!!" i felt like a total dumb-ass when i had to ask the manager what time we close. i couldnt believe i forgot. he didnt even believe that i was serious! :(
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    I totally get you, Earthy! I keep forgetting words! Whole phrases.

    I'll be in the middle of a sentence, forget what I'm talking about. It's crazy.

    Not even really fun. Wish I could help, but I forgot what I was going to say :p
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    i've become a complete zombie. no, that's not quite right, i'm very emotional. i think i've reverted to toddler behavior. i can't reason, think, remember or deal with anything. i haven't been sleeping, and i'm so tired. i leave myself notes everywhere, sometimes it helps. most times i just throw them away. vitamins are noo good. i was blind-stupid my last pregnancy, too.

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