I feel like I'm going to die young

Discussion in 'Paranoid?' started by darkain, May 31, 2007.

  1. lostinanovel

    lostinanovel Member

    After reading these posts, I was wondering how many have actually kicked it yet.
  2. bookmark

    bookmark Member

    not me, but i have a friend who is convinced that he is going to die when he is 33(same age as Jesus). he is gonna live it up, then do sumthin crazy.

    (bluflame, your sig is amazing!)
  3. prometheous

    prometheous Member

    Don't be afraid of dying, dying is easy. It's living that's hard. Just treat those you meet as you want to treated, and don't worry about it. No amount of money or worry will add (or take away) one day of your life. Be happy, don't worry, and enjoy what ever time you have.
  4. gingercaily

    gingercaily Member

    have you seen the movie tuesday's with morrie? it discuss the issue "why people afraid in death"..
    according to morrie,Once you learn how to die, you learn how to live..
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  5. Yeah, I used to get these really strong premonition, like a gloom hung over me, and I knew... that it was just around the corner. It's a soul-shattering perception. It doesn't happen to me like it used to, but my friend has his battles with it, and is constantly dealing with the problem.

    I guess for me, I just attributed short lives, with abundance of life, you know? Those sparks that light up real bright, quickly, but fizzle out... rather than a slow, mild burning ember.
  6. toke1234

    toke1234 Member

    Think possitive.
  7. i wish i would die now but im not going to do anything stupid. My life seriously sucks right now.
  8. not knowing what really happens....
  9. badfish420

    badfish420 Member

    i have smoked enough weed and done enough shit to know that weird ass feelings people get are there for a reason. if you feel like you will die young, i imagine you probably will. the question is are you comfortable with that? life will give you the choice at some point, trust me life always gives you a choice. if you don't want to die young, change your lifestyle, move, or something. take yourself out of your normal routine to get some perspective on your life. above all trust your feelings and instincts. if you start getting a weird feeling, get the fuck out of there.
  10. nolifer

    nolifer Member

    i've been having the feeling that i'll be dead by the age of 30 but i don't care cus death is only the beginning, besides, 13 years is a long time
  11. themnax

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    what i was most afraid of, wasn't of DIEING young, but of getting stuck in a time loop, and this was before i ever heard of dr who, or the term chronic histerisys, and having to relive my same childhood over and over again for ever. can you imagine a more horrifying hell then that? i can't.

    fortuanately i'm much older now than any of the ages at which i thought that was going to happen. my main regret about that is having wasted so much of my life worrying about it.

  12. i dont want to die when im old...i dont want to get to a point that i cant take care of myself...truth is when u die u die, we individually are so insignificant in this universe so we've just got to make memories with our loved ones while we're here...x
  13. JFUNK

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    Yeah,i feel like 30 is that special number.23 also comes to mind.I don't know,i just can't imagine myself older than 24,21 for that matter.I be having a strong sense that i won't get to see my mother get old or my younger sister.It's scary,but they say when it's your time,it's your time and there isn't anything you can do about it.
  14. JFUNK

    JFUNK Guest

    You are most definitely not the only one struggling with this feeling.I know this post is a year and some change after the fact,but i've came to believe this feeling is so true that im kind of training my mind to accept that i'll die young when i may not.It terrifies me and i feel so much better knowing that im not alone struggling with these scary thoughts that i can't seem to shake out of my mind:)
  15. I think I'm gonna die before I'm 30

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