I Don't Know If I Want A Tattoo Or Not?

Discussion in 'Body Modification' started by aleigh24024, May 29, 2016.

  1. aleigh24024

    aleigh24024 Member

    Hey! So I don't have any tattoos, but I think i want one. I just don't know where or how or when or what!! LOL. So maybe you guys can answer these questions for me:
    How old were u when you got your first tattoo?
    What was your tattoo?
    Do you regret it?
    Do you want more? Is tattooing addictive?
    Does tattooing hurt in certain places?

    Also, what are the most common types of tattoos? I want to avoid that... I just really need to think long and hard if i really do want a tattoo or not. It's a "permanent" decision, haha, so i don't know! Can u get tattoos removed? How does that work?

    Thanks, guys!

    Peace & Love
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  2. autophobe2e

    autophobe2e Senior Member

    yes fuckin' lots/anything pleasurable has the potential to become addictive. It only matters if it negatively impacts your life. For example, I am probably addicted to reading, but it doesn't keep me down. Tattoos usually don't either, but it'd be naive to assume that certain kinds of tats won't potentially close certain doors to you (you tend not to see face tattoos on bank managers.)
    Tattooing hurts everywhere but the pain is worse in certain areas. As a general rule, it hurts where it is closest to the bone, so the least painful areas are those where you have the most fat/muscle (calves, shoulders, biceps, forearm etc) and the most painful are those where the bone is closer to the skin (ribs, hands, tops of feet etc). The pain is tolerable, and since it is quite a constant pain, as long as you have something else to focus on, you'll be fine (bring a book is my advice.)

    Any tattoo shop you visit will have flash on the walls. these are off the rack designs that can be easily stencilled on and done quickly. In certain places you don't even have to make an appointment to get these done. The most common designs will usually be featured on flash pages.

    To be honest, it's a matter of personal preference, there are plenty of "cliche" designs that I think are really naff, but each to their own. The ones I hate the most are generic tribal, those blank star designs and tbh i'm not a huge fan of most "realistic" tattoos either. But as I say to each their own. Although I will say, from talking to some artists, you won't win over your chosen artist if you choose plain text. this blog post does a good job of explaining why: http://seppukutattoo.blogspot.co.uk/2012/02/letter-of-law-laws-for-lettering-and.html the most common tattoos are text saying things like "This too shall pass" "Only God can judge me" "Just breathe" etc. also yin/yangs, peace symbols, stuff like that. Nothing wrong with a popular design of course, but each to their own.

    The best thing to do is find an artist whose style you really like, check their portfolio, bring them some ideas and let them work something good up for you. The best designs usually come from collaboration.

    Tattoo removal is possible but very painful from what I hear. Tattoo ink fades over time because UV rays from the sun break down the ink in your skin. "Lasering" speeds up this process by shooting high energy UV at the inked area, breaking up the ink faster. As I say its painful, and usually takes several sessions. Thinking before inking is a good idea.
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  3. Ashalicious

    Ashalicious Senior Member

    I don't regret my first tattoo, but I do have a tattoo that I got on a whim and it is my least favorite tattoo by far. Do I regret getting it done? Yeah, I do.....
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  4. MeAgain

    MeAgain Dazed and Confused Staff Member Super Moderator

    Never put bumper stickers on a Ferrari.
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  5. Asmodean

    Asmodean Slo motion rider

    If you want to stand out (which seems the case as you want to avoid the most common ones) and are not sure at all what tattoo to get you better wait and find out you stand out the most these days by not getting a tattoo... :D
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  6. topazann

    topazann Member

    A tattoo is something that can show the world something about your personality without having to speak to you. Unless it's something you've planned for years you'll end up regretting putting it on that part of your body, wishing to change the design, or wanting to remove it outright. Do not get a tattoo unless you're absolutely certain what and where you want it, and by who you want it done by.
    My tattoo was considered decision and choice. It's a part of me, and it denotes part of my development as a person. But I saw face tattoo[​IMG] Me interesting are they regret?
  7. pensfan13

    pensfan13 Senior Member

    the best advice i ever heard is get the idea you want for a tattoo and then wait a month, if you have never had any regrets with the tattoo for that month then get it. if any part of you over that month thought....well.....then dont get it.

    getting a tattoo removed is more painful than getting it and it is more expensive. so know your tattooer before you do it also.
  8. StellarCoon

    StellarCoon Shadow Warrior

    wait until u "think" becomes "know"
  9. Irminsul

    Irminsul Valkyrie

    I don't get people that wind up with random shit tattooed on themselves. I haven't gotten a tattoo yet because I haven't finished designing them and I have a few going, but I'm not sure it's what I want and if I'm unsure I'm definitely not going to have it permenantly inked on my skin.

    My advice is almost like my advice with choosing a religion. You may as well go with the one that makes the most sense that means something to you. If it's not significant to you then you're just another fool with Chinese symbol, of sorts.

    Right now I'm trying fill a void in one of my designs. I should take
    It to a tattoo place and get them to fill it with knot work. But I'm not sure I like big bold knot work and definitely not in the size I want the tattoo which would be spread right across my back. Basically my avatar here, the pillar to stretch across my shoulders and down my middle back. Directly on top of the Irminsul I will have a Nordic sun cross, swastika, curved to represent exactly what it did 2000 years ago. That's in my culture, so it means a lot to me and something I've been involved in for a lot of my life.

    I also have plans for a Mjolnir, Thor's Hammer, it will come down from my arm pit on my side with the faces of the hammer spreading across my tummy and my back, assuming my Irminsul doesn't get in the way. :)

    But they aren't finished be drawn by me yet and I'm not letting anyone else do it because it'd take away all meaning that they were my designs etc. my tattoos, if I get them done, will mean a lot to me. :)
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    WOLF ANGEL Senior Member - A Fool on the Hill

    I've often pondered upon having a Tattoo - although never seemed to get around to it
    To be honest, I've not really found one that I can really connect with / to get done
    - My youngest daughter however has had a few.
    Discreetly positioned, they are both tasteful and expressive
  11. sarah73

    sarah73 Member

    This is an older thread I know, but I can relate. I never wanted tattoos or piercing, but I blame it on my "generation". There was something so "forever" about tattoos that kept me from giving it a shot. In my crazy mind, it would be like wearing the same red shirt every day of my life and I could never get that out of my mind. I respect others who have QUALITY tattoos, where they obviously spent time and money and had a plan AND a good artist. But that is only 10% of what I see every day. The rest are haphazard, often unfinished, with no plan. A fish here; A car there; "I think I can" the train over there; and "F U" on the knuckles.

    I guess I'm just old.
  12. autophobe2e

    autophobe2e Senior Member

    I always wanted 'em but I put off having them until I was out of my teens because I had a vague awareness that pretty much every decision I made within those years was daft as fuck. Not enough of an awareness to stop making those decisions, but enough not to have them permanently inked into my skin :)

    Now I'm on the other side of my teens and a lot more settled in myself. The tats I've got are probably not things I'd have chosen in my teens. I wouldn't reccomend getting anything done if your life is in a volatile stage. Just my thoughts.
  13. unfocusedanakin

    unfocusedanakin The Archaic Revival Lifetime Supporter

    How old were u when you got your first tattoo? 15 it was done underage in some guy's basement "prison style" I guess. I assume the equipment was clean or my immune system is good because I never got sick.

    What was your tattoo? Something that implies I worship the devil which I do not now. A symbol for a black metal band that also has the imagery of a dragon which since Satan is a "dragon cast out of heaven" in the bible is intentional.

    Do you regret it? YES, enough to have it removed. I was sorry I did it about 2 days latter and most of that time was spent lying to myself that yeah I like this since I was stuck with it. Funny thing I had an older friend who told me do not do it. I even saw his faded Vietnam tattoos of skulls and all the stuff I liked and how bad it looked. I still did it like lots reading this will still do it.

    Do you want more? Is tattooing addictive? No, I would never get another one but there was a high that was pretty drug like as someone who has done lots of drugs. I can see how people wan that feeling again

    Does tattooing hurt in certain places? It feels like a needle poking you over and over but not that bad. But I only had my upper arm done which I guess is not a bad area.
  14. Asmodean

    Asmodean Slo motion rider

    Cradle of filth is an awesome black metal band name. Too bad their music is less awesome to me.
  15. Irminsul

    Irminsul Valkyrie

    Damnation and a Day is awesome though and Midian. Midian I remember was my high school goth band. :D
  16. Asmodean

    Asmodean Slo motion rider

    It all went down for me after Dusk... and her embrace. I remember giving Cruelty and the beast an honest try and also Midian but alas, not my cup of tea. I did enjoy some goth stuff though! But not by them.

    GLENGLEN Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    No Tatts Here.......Thought About It Years Ago When My Sport Was "Bodybuilding".......But Then

    I Got Cold Feet Because They Are Permanent....... Nowadays I Just Have Dreads And Toe Rings

    Both Of Which Can Be Removed In Half A Minute...... :)

    Cheers Glen.
  18. tommeem1

    tommeem1 Member

    How old were u when you got your first tattoo? I actually don't remember.

    What was your tattoo? A skull within a sun.

    Do you regret it? No. I wanted particularly a flash tattoo, which is a tattoo that has been picked either from the wall or a portfolio. And I really enjoyed skulls and suns during that time. I wanted to experience not only getting a tattoo, but getting the dreaded flash tattoo. I wanted to see if it was as bad as people have expressed. By the way, it's medium size and I got it... like on my hip bone. You know that little bony part on each side of your stomach.

    Do you want more? Is tattooing addictive? I already knew at the time of my first tattoo that I wanted more. I wanted to experience other types of tattoos, such as white ink, getting an organic biomechanical tattoo, etc. So, it's not that it's addictive. It's just that I have plans.

    Does tattooing hurt in certain places? I usually go to sleep during the tattooing. So, it doesn't hurt for me. But, that doesn't help you any because I'm not you and you're not me. I will say I have gotten half sleeves on both my arms, the hipbone tattoo, one on my chest, and one on my thigh. So, as far as those areas go in terms of me only, not you... it didn't hurt.

    Also, what are the most common types of tattoos? Pretty much flash tattoos are the most common, I think. To be honest, a lot of tattoos have been done. For example, if you want a butterfly. That has been done a million times over. All you can really do is get a design that is slightly different. In other words, you might be at a bar one day... and a girl will have a butterfly tattoo like you have, but both designs are different enough.

    Can u get tattoos removed? How does that work? They can be removed, but I just don't know how.
  19. Piaf

    Piaf Senior Member

    I really, really, really hate tattoos.

    That's all.

    Carry on.

    GLENGLEN Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    I Like Small Ones But The Guys With Half And Full Sleeves Really Should Have Given It More Thought.... :)

    Cheers Glen.

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