I cleaned up the river bank today

Discussion in 'The Environment' started by We_All_Shine_On, May 8, 2004.

  1. We_All_Shine_On

    We_All_Shine_On Senior Member

    it was fun, it felt nice, there was total of about 8 HUGE garbage bags full of shit, between 11 people. but alteast its clean now.
  2. WayfaringStranger

    WayfaringStranger Corporate Slave #34

    i love it. you've done good. thank you.
  3. Good for you!

    I did something good today too. I’ve been feeding a parakeet, which dropped by admiring my lovebird’s feast. The neighbors have cats and I went on a search for the owner. Couldn't find the owner but found someone to adopt it. As he picked it up I came in the house to find my wife had made a cage out of a cardboard carton and placed a roost and food for the bird. Too late to take back the adoption. At least the cat didn't eat it. Mothers day is tomorrow so about the new pet?

  4. Awesome. Good job cleaning up like that.
  5. yay! thanks! [​IMG]
  6. Kelly

    Kelly Member

    That's awesome!
  7. 4_Leaf_Clover

    4_Leaf_Clover I Love

    great! :)

    just out of curiosity...
    what was some of the shit that you cleaned up?
    anything interesting or bizarre??

    this reminds me...
    there is a favorite creek of mine that i went down to recently,
    and i was horrified to find a huge microwave sitting right in the middle of it.
    the window had been smashed out, and this hulking thing was just poking out of the water.
    i dragged it out and got it into a dumpster. not much of an improvement...
    lord knows what kind of deadly things had already seeped out into the water supply.
    but you gotta do something...

  8. Cre

    Cre Senior Member

    The kids and I take trash bags to the beach with us and always fill them. :( I can't believe how people can leave so much trash behind them after they leave the ocean. It is really sad.
  9. Harvest

    Harvest Member

    Good for you! We always take lots of extra bags on hikes and camping and it's so sad all the shit people throw out in nature.

    Love & Light,
  10. We_All_Shine_On

    We_All_Shine_On Senior Member

    uhm, alot of tim hortons and kfc trash... and plastic grocery bags. AND this bottle , clear liquid, no label on the bottle, smelled like old vinegar and hair dye, looked like water, INCREDIBLY strong smell.
  11. eccofarmer

    eccofarmer Member


    That is so great.The best thing about when i take walks is to bring a bag and pic up trash as i walk.Feels great and your doing your part to help the mother.It would be great to see more people doing that.Good work.
    Double thumbs up to YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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