I can't stop eatting

Discussion in 'Health' started by environmental_junkie, Dec 28, 2004.

  1. Oh man this is the worst, and a very sensitive subject for me....So only serious replys please....

    Alright, so... Here it goes.

    I've always been overweight. It's nothing new. I always tell myself that I will start eatting properly and that I will start exercising but I always fail myself. I've writen down various times diet plans, and routines and even write a note on the bottom promising myself that I will follow through with it. but within a couple days I just kind of give up. I mean I don't want to give up, I just get lazy and slack off... and end up feeling really guilty for letting myself down yet another time.... and then not even an hour later I'm stuffing my face with chips and pasta.
    It's so repetative. I'm always telling myself how horribly ugly I am, and how unattratractive i am and then I go on an eatting binge....

    I wish I could just stay on a steady routine but I've set myself up for failure so many times that I can't take it, so I just continue on with what I'm doing... which is obviously does me no good.

    I don't really know how anybody could help me with this, but any words of advice I would really appresiate.... if you need to ask me questions feel free.
  2. elfriend

    elfriend Member

    i know how you feel, i've been doing exactly the same for years. The only time i actually managed to lose weight was about a year ago when i lost 50 pounds in 3 months.
    I got myself into this mind-set which meant that i was completely obsessed with getting slimmer. I kept a diary of what i ate in the day and how much exercise i did.
    I walked at least 6 miles a day, along with other weight training exercises and never ate more then 1000 calories a day. In retrospect i can see that i was very boring for my family.
    The thing is that i couldn't keep it up and after christmas a started putting the weight back on and because i'd lost the weight so quickly i put evan more back on.
    Now however i've moved out of my parent's house and have got myself a whole new lifestyle and am losing weight steadily and am keeping it off. And i didn't even plan it!!
    You have to do it slowly and just basically change the way you think about food. and change your lifestyle, but don't let it take over your lifestyle.
    And definately DO NOT keep putting yourself down about it. If you don't think you're beautiful now you won't think it when you're thin. Be confident and don't let it hold you back.
  3. lace_and_feet

    lace_and_feet Super Member

    I've done the EXACT same thing several times before, even the part where I write myself a note...something like "you WIlLL do this!" etc. How tall are you, how much do you weigh now, and how much are you wanting to lose?
  4. I'm 5'5 and weigh about 170 and I would love to lose about 40lbs.
  5. Moonjava

    Moonjava Senior Member

    I know what you are going through, and it is very difficult. My life was changed when I discovered the Atkins diet. They say it is bad for you, but I don't believe it is if you do it right. I mean, of course you can't eat bacon for every meal, DUH! But I lost about 35 lbs. in 3 months. From there, I would go off of the diet, but I kept close tabs on my weight. I weighed everyday, and if I noticed an extra pound on the scale then I would lay off of the junk food for that day, and it usually was back to normal by the next day. So now I go on the diet a few times a year, losing 10 or so lbs. each time. I am quite comfortable with myself now. I never exercised, either, but I recommend that you do because it will probably work better. Also, if you drink a lot of sodas, replace them with water and green tea. Try to drink a gallon of water everyday. This will not only make you shed those inches, but it will also supress your appetite. I hope this post helps you. If you have any questions, then by all means IM me. I really do sympathize with you on this issue. Good luck!
    Hugs n Blessings

  6. Thanks for your reply, moonjava, however I wouldn't be able to do the atkins diet because eatting to much meat makes me gag :( ... I do drink a lot of water though which I guess is a plus...But I can't stand tea... and I would like to say that since posting this I have even started a new diet but I haven't... I need to get myself in the frame of mind, but I seem to be failing at this also.... I know if I just picked up my weights and started to exercise I would get back on track but I just have them hidden in the corner... hey I think tonight I might just do that...It will help burn off all the junk I ate today...

    Hmm... anyone know any good detox suggestions?
  7. Spacer

    Spacer 'Enlighten yourself'

    What's 170 in kilos? Judging from your pics in your gallery you don't look overweight.
  8. SimpleMan

    SimpleMan Member

    Hello...I'm a personal trainer for my unit in the Marine Corps. I also give food and nutrtion classes for my guys who are over weight. Heres my advice. You say you can't stop eating...well thats good. The more you eat the more your metabolism is going to increase. However you need to eat the right variety of proteins/fats/and carbs. Stay away from soda and white bread and white rice...those are quick digesting carbs. Go for wheat bread, oatmeal, and lots of vegtables. As for proteins and fats...boneless/skinless chicken breast are always good. Steak without a lot of fat...as long as the meat your eating isn't filled with grease and high colestreral fat you should be good to go. Fats are good. The right kind anyhow. Go for nuts...almonds, cashews, peanuts. Just watch out for the sodiom intake. Olive oil is also a good fat. Put that on your salad. You should try to eat like 4-6 small meals a day with a good balacne of the proteins/fats/and carbs. Have some snacks too...just as long your eating the right balance as well. Exercise about 3-5 times a week starting out. Before long you'll be meeting your goals and feeling pretty good.

    also if you smoke ciggerates...you should think about quitting...and switch from beer to liquor if you drink alchool.

    Good Luck!
  9. meishka

    meishka Grease Munky

    what he said. and remember you are beautiful. so stop thinking that. i know the media has brainwashed you and it might take a little more brainwashing for you to think you're hot. it's easy to put yourself down, just like Dr.Phil says. yes i know i need a life
  10. simpleman, thanks for your help... the things is a don't always have the right kind of food in my house and I'm on a tight buget so it's not that simple to just grab a piece of fruit, or make a healthy snack so I just eat what's there.... although I usually do grab the more unhealthy snack rather than what my body needs.

    meishka, you rock!

    Maybe I should start a soup diet? How well do you think that would work out, like veggi soup and the like... just eat that, it's easy on the budget and easy to make... would this be effective?
  11. SimpleMan

    SimpleMan Member

    well...the key is you wanna eat a wide variety of foods. So soup would be good. The progressive kind is really good. But you wanna try to eat a wide variety. Just start simple like switching some foods around. Like whole wheat bread instead of white, quaker oats instead of cereal, water instead of soda. You wanna try to stay away from fast food too. but start simple and then work your way up. The same way with exercise. The more you exercise the more your going to eat right.

    Take care and good luck!

  12. yesplease

    yesplease Member

    while diets are what's usually associated with weight loss, i've kinda come to terms with the fact that i need to make a whole lifestyle change...sure, i could go on a grapefruit diet or some crap like that and lose a bunch a weight, but in the long run, unless i begin to live a healthy lifestyle by eating right and exercising, i'm never gonna keep the weight off for good.

    now saying that...it's not like changing your lifestyle is easy, but it's the only true way.

    too bad i wish there was just a pill i could pop to lose weight! :)
  13. environmental_junkie -
    I think they all got it right when they say you have to change your lifestyle because it forces you to think differently in situations.
    I find the worst thing to do is spend a lot of time at home, (which i have a tendency to do) if you keep busy you won't have too much time to think about eating. Well i know i only eat out of boredom and depression usually anyway. I think a lot of people do that!
    Also i think rather than set excersise its healthier (and more successful) to just live a more active lifestyle. Like instead of driving to work or the shops or whatever, walk or ride a bike. (better for the environment too!) Just not being lazy even at home when it comes to cleaning, decorating, anything really just be moving all the time.
    I know every time i join a gym I always end up not going because it takes so much motivation.

    Hope that may help at least a little bit!
  14. Everything everyone has said on here, has been very helpful... and I completely agree that when I spend more time at home I tend to eat more because I'm bored!
    The thing I find most frusterating is that, my mum tends to bake a lot but doesn't eat any of it and it's only us in the house so when it's there of course I'm going to eat it!... and I have the problem of saying that once it is gone I wont eat unhealthy anymore, but then something unheathly always seems to pop up in this house so I always manage to pro-long my weight loss... it's depressing really.
    I notice when I do this... I'm not even enjoying the food, I just eat it because it's there I would probably even enjoy eatting a salad or fruit... but you know we are the generation of conveniouns(sp?) ...
    I tend to look at something and say no the first time and just drink a glass of water but then when i go back into the kitchen to fill my glass back up I will pick up that brownie as well... and once I start I can't stop...

    I have no self discipline:(
  15. nimh

    nimh ~foodie~

    can you talk to your mom and ask her to lay off of the baking. if she shows her love thru food, and a lot of people do, then ask her to make you fancy salads instead. it really sounds like you need to get off of the processed foods, and make the switch over to whole foods that look like they still did when they were growing. you cant get more convenient than peeling a banana, or munching on a piece of celery. yeah, anyways, get your mom on board, tell her you want to eat healthier, and get her to clean out the house of all the crap and fill the fridge with fresh colourful veggies.
  16. Crystaleyez

    Crystaleyez Member

    Always remember and never forget: You are beautiful. You don't even look that big from your pics. When you eat foods that are good for you, you can eat as much as you want. Waht nimh said. Fruits and veggies are cheaper than all that boxed crap anyway.
  17. crystaleyez, you are a sweetheart! :)
  18. TheLizardQueen

    TheLizardQueen horny for knowledge

    I know how it feels. But you need to stop telling yourself that you're fat and ugly, and start telling yourself that you can do this, and that you can achieve whatever you want. Keep all your past failures out of your mind, and start fresh.

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