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Discussion in 'Movies' started by maybejusthappy, Aug 20, 2005.

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    My DVD player REFUSES to play Natural Born Killers. One time, I was at my friend's house and they turned it on, but we didn't get a chance to actually watch it, so I borrowed it. I put it in the player all excited to watch it cuz it seemed really cool, but it wouldn't play. Whenever I hit ANYTHING on the remote or actual DVD player, one of those red circles with the line through it showed up in the corner. So I got it off netflix and the same damn thing happened.

    Damnit, I wanted to watch that movie and I can't figure out why this happens. I watch tons of DVDs, but this only happens with Natural Born Killers.
  2. Wonder Girl

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    Hmm that's really strange...it sounds like it's not meant to be for you to see that movie.
  3. Penny

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    It's a sign!! :p
  4. deadonceagain

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    its casue you want to see it so bad, i downloaded spun and the next day my computar chashed and i couldnt watch it,my firend had it on DVD but this was befor i had a DVD player at my dads the beging of last year,then i couldnt rent it cause i was short so i had to put i back finaly i saw it and I LOVD IT and its now my favorite moive and i bought it a week later
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    Watch Vol II first.

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