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Discussion in 'America Attacks!' started by earthy44, May 14, 2004.

  1. earthy44

    earthy44 Member

    Hey all,
    I am thoroughly disgusted. I am sitting in a bar and the news is on one of the television. One of the stories is about a local class of kindergardeners whose teacher had an idea- lets be penpals to those in Iraq.
    On the surface this seems like a good idea. Help those who are suffering and comfort them. But what it REALLY is is BRAINWASHING. As I watched this story, the kindergardners were told to write how wonderful they think this situation is and how it is all such a wonderful thing. BRAINWASHING BRAINWASHING BRAINWASHING. Of 6-year-olds!!! Training them early to not question anything, put on a happy face and support war, murder and abuse. VOMITING NOW!:mad:
  2. greasytuesday

    greasytuesday Member

    Thats sick.
  3. dotadave

    dotadave Member

    ugh. If I were thier parent I would really be complaining, if not suing.
  4. HappyHaHaGirl

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  5. LaughinWillow

    LaughinWillow Member

    This kind of crap goes on in public schools all the time. Shortly after 9/11, my daughter, who is not permitted to say the pledge of allegiance, was forced to WRITE the pledge every day since she "wouldn't" (due to her family's spiritual beliefs) say it. The teacher also made a point of talking about her "refusal" to say the pledge in front of the entire class, which made the kids attack her verbally. This went on for 2 weeks before my daughter told me about what was going on - I pulled her out of the school immediately - after the principal told me that it was the school's "duty" to educate children about civic duty - which justified the teacher having my child write the pledge out daily. What CRAP!
  6. luvndrumn

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    Yup, we're all about freedom of choice here!

    I am sorry that happened to you and your daughter. Hopefully in six months time things will have changed.
  7. know1nozme

    know1nozme High Plains Drifter

    Just so you know, the Supreme Court ruled this type of action illegal and unconstitutional in 1943. "In West Virginia State Board of Education vs. Barnette, the court upheld the right of Jehovah's Witness students to abstain from reciting the pledge, eloquently explaining that "If there is any fixed star in our constitutional constellation, it is that no official, high or petty, can prescribe what shall be orthodox in politics, nationalism, religion or other matters of opinion." ...[T]he court recognized that the "case is made difficult not because the principles of its decision are obscure but because the flag involved is our own." - Ayesha N. Khan, SanFransisco Chronicle, March 24, 2004 (emphasis mine)

    Perhap you should inform the priciple of said school of the violation. Unless I miss my guess, you have legal grounds to take the school to court (not that I am a lawyer).
  8. DarkLunacy

    DarkLunacy Senior Member

    "Dear US Soldier,

    Thank you so much for beeing a part of Iraq War. We love what you are doing to protect our countery furom evul terurists. Pleese kill a hundred-bajillion more of them to help kepe the countery safe. We love you"

    I got written up my first week in my new school for refusing to say the pledge. I was forced to return to class and recite it alone in front of the class. I guess I need a writen note...
  9. dreamweaver

    dreamweaver Member

    Its scary how schools brainwash children, shoving all this nationalism crap down their throats every day. it freaked me out the first time i actually looked back on all my years at school and realized exactly how hard they try to brainwash students.
  10. Megara

    Megara Banned

    sadly, it might be removed because scalia is an idiot
  11. kitty fabulous

    kitty fabulous smoked tofu

    why i

  12. EllisDTripp

    EllisDTripp Green Secessionist

    I Pledge Resistance
    To the Flag-Waving
    Of the Unindicted Co-Conspirators of AmeriKKKa
    And to the Republicans
    Whom I can't Stand
    One Abomination, Underhanded Fraud
    Indefensible, With Liberty and Justice? Forget It!
  13. Mui

    Mui Senior Member

    I love this thread. :)

    Its sick what schools can force children into... I always do my part to make my beliefs shown... You guys remember that anti-war student walk out? Those were some good times. I got suspended for 3 days because of that, 3 days off school. woot.
  14. dotadave

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    Nice, mind if I add that to my sig?
  15. EllisDTripp

    EllisDTripp Green Secessionist

    Go ahead. But I didn't write it. Not sure who did, but I first heard it many years ago.
  16. Our "democracy" is crap; People say this country is free, yet we have our children being brainwashed in school and pre-conditioned to follow everyone and never question anything.

    This happens all the time though. What about the pledge of allegiance? Drawing the American flag as an art project? Hello? We're only blank faces being tailored to their image of what they think we should be as.

    We should never stop questioning anything, and we should NEVER NEVER stop questioning our government, because they're not doing anything for our benefit, it's all a business, a giant corporation who want to control us like hamsters in a cage.

    Heaven forbid we should question Bush in this country or else we'd be ostricized, ruined, and called un-american. I hate that expression.

    The school system is a great tool to tailor mindless ignorant patriotic Americans. Hail to the chief.
  17. Stands up holding his hand to his heart pledging to this allegiance with tears in eyes. Bravo!
  18. Stan

    Stan Member

    We were more less forced to design a short web page about why we are proud to be americans and what makes america great.. something like that. Either way, I failed that asignment :\
  19. Well done, Stan.
    Even though I am not an american, hehe, but that is really bad if they ask it from you.
  20. What a bunch of bullcrap.

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