I am a teen nudist.

Discussion in 'Bare It!' started by jen12151989, Jan 29, 2005.

  1. jen12151989

    jen12151989 Banned

    I was born and raised into naturism, my family are naturists. Just wondering what everyone thought of nudism?
  2. sunseeker

    sunseeker Member

    Hi Jen
    I think you are a very lucky young lady,
  3. Duck

    Duck quack. Lifetime Supporter

    Jen, I never hung out with a nudist, you should come over :X
    But, seriously I always thought nudism would be kinda cool. It's too cold 'round here though.
  4. Earthwalker

    Earthwalker Member

    I envy you. I was not raised in a nude-friendly family, but I think my life would have been so much better if I had been.
    Peace and body-freedom for all.
  5. Gymnos

    Gymnos Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    I envy you also. I didn't become a naturist until well into adulthood.
  6. I became became familiar with naturism in my early twenties. Now as a new father, I'd like to know what you think about raising children as naturist. The pros and cons? I have mixed feelings about it, leaning against it.
  7. PS, I'm as comfortable with my clothes on, as they are off... makes no real diffrence to me... but due to this, I choose to remain clothed most of the time (just because it's easier).

    jen12151989, what's the password on your gallery?
  8. Silverrose

    Silverrose Member

    My parents are a little to conservitive for all of that, so the only times that I can go about with out clothes are when they are not home at all. Other wise I have to stay in my room. *harumph*
  9. jen12151989

    jen12151989 Banned

    I live in a nudist campground, which is a family atmosphere. There is much to debate about it, over the internet. I would simply say, let it be their choice.
  10. angel_wings

    angel_wings Member

    Good for you Jen!

    I wasn't raised as a nudist, however my mum is pretty relaxed about nudity and doesn't have a problem with me and my sis hanging out nude when we want to - she isn't always fully dressed at home herself, so I guess we're pretty liberal here!

    I usually call myself a nudist, though I really just mean "I wear what I feel like and that's quite often nothing."
  11. Alexandra

    Alexandra Member

    Very nice!!

    I was raised with extremely liberal attitude towards nudity as well. Everyone in my family is usually naked at the house, and I positively detest having to wear a bathing suit at a beach (I mean, what IS the point???).

    I love being nude whenever possible (and I don't wear shoes unless I absolutely HAVE to), but unfortunately the attitudes around where I live aren't very accepting of nude lifestyle. I'm yet to find a nude beach which isn't populated by old swingers, and that's kind of sad. :(
  12. al_from_mn

    al_from_mn Member

    Thats really cool Jen, wish my parents had raised me like that ;) BTW, what is the password to your gallery?


    P.S. to worldofdan: Nice to see you back here :D
  13. mzissner

    mzissner Member

    I've been a nudist since about 14. I'm the only one from my family, though they've known about it all along. I was never very secret about it.
  14. Becknudefck

    Becknudefck Senior Member

    i think thats awesome. i wish nudism was supported in most families.
  15. SIEKK

    SIEKK Member

    I think it's wonderful and I wish it was more common. After reading this I wondered whether pictures in your gallery were nude or what. Curiosity got the best of me and I looked. I assume pictures are edited? Having said this, does your family take nude candid photos? Are your family pictures in the buff? Do families in your community just have nude pictures of their families in their house just hanging about? Do you have the option of wearing clothes or going nude?.. last question, what's the password?
  16. jen12151989

    jen12151989 Banned

    My gallery here, yes they are edited. My gallery on fotki, some are, and most are not. Youll have to forgive me, until I get to know you, my password will remain private.
  17. SIEKK

    SIEKK Member

    fair enough
  18. al_from_mn

    al_from_mn Member

    That's cool, I didn't mean to weird you out or anything. Most of the people on these boards are pretty cool, there are surprisingly few weirdos *looks at worldofdan*. Feel free to IM me sometime.

    Peace, Alex
  19. Oh great... thanks :( (you're such a back stabber)

    PS, I widthdraw my request for the password... I didn't actully realise what images were in the gallery (i was having a bit of slow day) and can fully understand why you only give it to under 18s - I don't blame you either (there are a lot of perverts in the world, not naming any names).

    I'm interested tho.. can you tell us more about what it's like at a nudist camp? I've never been to one, and while I don't actully plan on going to one (as I said before, i'm as happy clothed as I am naked), maybe I should try it out (tho it's damned cold in the UK).
  20. Alexandra

    Alexandra Member

    I've been to nudist camps before on a couple occassions.

    It all depends on how lucky you are vis-a-vis choosing a camp. On one occassion I was able to just phone in my reservations and then drive in despite being under 18... very easy... except the crowd was, um, odd. There were 2 couples close to our age (I went with my GF that time) and we had a reasonably good time, but everyone else was in their 40s or so and mostly interested in swinging. Ick...

    Another camp, they screened the incoming people pretty closely. Julia and me were able to get in only because my parents went as well. I thought the screening was a bit intrusive, but in the end the crowd turned out to be MUCH nicer than at the other camp, lots of families and younger people. The atmosphere was just as fun, but a lot healthier.

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