I am a rolling stone

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by roycleo, May 10, 2004.

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    Rolling Stone


    I am a rolling stone and in this life I have gathered no moss
    so now wherever I may decide to wander and roam
    no matter what I know Ill be lost

    lost in the shadows between the darkness and the light
    praying for guidance as I cry through the night
    but Ill never give up Ill never turn away
    Im gonna live this life day by day by glorious day

    I am a rolling stone and when I dream
    I dream of simple things
    for whats in my mind is all that I know
    and in my mind I wish I could be free

    free from the sorrow and free from the pain
    the pain that always follows me
    even when Im walking in the rain

    but Ill never give up Ill never turn away
    from this lonely road that I now travel
    for it just may somehow someday
    lead me to a much better place

    I am a rolling stone and in this life I have gathered no moss.
    Roy Williams
    Mobile Alabama

    I wrote this, and many other poems in the year 1996 while traveling the
    country hoping to "find myself". I never found myself, but I met so many people doing the same exact thing I was doing. I guess Im not alone afterall.
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    i think people gather moss because it's warm and comfy and there're few options.
    how do we keep rollin' in a world that rewards so few rollers?
    i wanna roll regardless of reward, but dammit, granola and a host of other crap costs money.
    maybe we've bumped into each other.
  3. Pablo

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    Im a stuck stone in the side of a hill
    theres no moss on me
    cause its as hot as a grill

    Its so hot here the grass
    just bursts into flame
    and i cant even smoke it
    its such a shame

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