i act weird around the ones i care about helllpp!

Discussion in 'True Love' started by Crystaleyes, May 27, 2007.

  1. Crystaleyes

    Crystaleyes Member

    Ok ive always been a mildly shy person, i get nervous when meeting new people, feel unsure of myself etc. However, when i get to know someone (friendswise) i start to relax a bit more but it takes me while to make friendships and be able to relax around someone. I have quite low self confidence, i always have done.

    Anyway getting to the point, when i meet someone i really like and start dating them and i can see that it might become something more, i get really nervous and start sort of acting all weird. I feel like im always watching what i say and do, and thinking things like am i funny enough, am i boring him, do my clothes look right, am i swearing too much ect lol it sounds stupid to me while im typing this. These thoughts are sometimes overwhelming to the point where i can't think straight when i'm with him.
    When im just 'seeing' someone im not like this cos i kno we're just messing about, and i don't really care whether i lose them or not.
    I do need my 'quiet' time however, im not a naturally chatty person.
    I've been in one proper relationship before which lasted for 5 months, it was horrible in the end, we hardly spoke. I think that might have been down to our compatibility to a certain extent though, we wern't really on the same level and he was a twat anyway. . But this is stupid issue i have starting to do my head in, im scared of entering a relationship now.
    What do ya all think then???
  2. Musikero

    Musikero Supporters HipForums Supporter

    I think the reason for this is because as soon as you think there might be something more to it than just "messing about" you really want it so badly you're afraid it will fail. It's possible that your horrible break-up with your ex has something to do with this. Perhaps you're afraid that it will happen again?
  3. Crystaleyes

    Crystaleyes Member

    yeah maybe this could be it =S i do get scared that i'll get hurt then but then i think, well it might be worth trying
  4. I have the same thing. I'm incredibally shy (though I am slowly improving...) and...well...after a year at uni managed to make one friend...at the very end of the year though I managed to actually go out and meet a couple of new people, that's by the by anyway. To what you were saying, I do know what you mean. I'd say (because it's the reason I act like it) it's because you're scared to lose it. Which can be a dreadful circle...to be honest...thinking about it...I can't even solve it for myself so...erm...I can't help you there. =S =(
    Though, I can say, that if they're willing to try to begin with, then you shouldn't worry. If it doesn't work out, then you weren't suited anyway...hmm...nothing really very helpful, but true...
  5. I am the same... especially with the people I care about
  6. TravisBruner

    TravisBruner Member

    I have a problem where i feel this girl trying to connect with me with unspoken things but my body soaks it in and dosent send the vibes back...i think this is fear of betrayl but either way its seems to be the same sorta thing with you but idk what to tell ya...haha
  7. Sumguy

    Sumguy Member

    I'm the exact same way.. I do all of those things also and I always feel like im trying to hard or im doing somethin stupid to impress them lol when i should just be me.. I think its because of the insecuritys and low self confidence that makes us like that.
  8. I'm a troll

    I'm a troll Banned

    you kind of need to do that. i'm the same way: shy at first and then i become myself when i get to know someone. i usually do ok as the shy guy, then once i start acting like myself the people i care about think i'm weird and want nothing to do with me anymore. it's probably for the best that you watch yourself; i wish i could do so a little more

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