hysterectomys on disabled women

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by didge, May 21, 2004.

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    i was watchin a documentary a while ago, and it made me think. life is so fuckin hard for some peops.
    picture this, you have a kid, a little girl, and shes seriously physicly disabled, she'll probably never be in a relationship, and theres no way she could manage ta bring up children, or go through the pregnancy process. or, you have a kid, who's got a perfect body, but is mentally retarded.
    do you think its right that the parents o these girls get their wombs removed, to stop em havin kids, periods etc..?

    there was one girl who said that gettin a hysterectomy made her feel even more like a freak, not a woman...and that she just wanted ta kno what it was like to feel a period.

    its a difficult situation.

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    what if you had a perfectly normal child, and just knew that you never wanted to be a grandparent. would it be ok then?

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