HydroShroom Mushroom Growing System TIPS??

Discussion in 'Magic Mushrooms' started by luna_tone, Apr 20, 2013.

  1. luna_tone

    luna_tone Guest

    My friend and I want to take the first step in growing our own.

    We plan to use the Hydroshroom system.


    Does anyone have any experience with this system? I was hoping that someone could tell me their experience and which strains are good to use with this system.

    Thank you

  2. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    you can build your own fc for pennies..
  3. jaredfelix

    jaredfelix Namaste ॐ

    that looks like a really nice system, wow!
    i would love to buy one of these units if I had the money.
  4. Grainpsilo

    Grainpsilo Member

    An enormous waste of money

    With alittle effort to learn the ways of the shroom and about $100 you could grow all the mushroom you and your 200 closest friends could ever want or need.

    Buy that device will first be a rip off because all of the components are worth maybe $30. Also you will have learned nothing and will have to rely on the company again to get your sterile jars so you will always have to rely on them in the future so they can continue to ass rape you on the price.

    If I didn't have a soul (and a really good job) I would be in this business making a killing wallet raping lazy hippies.
  5. falconer

    falconer Member

    You need to do A LOT more research into the simple pf tek if youre seriously considering buying this. A fruiting chamber costs under $10 if you just make a simple one.
  6. I would buy this. Its only a hundred bucks for a sterile environment, and pre-installed heat lamp, and a decent hydroponic setup. You could make all of that back in a single harvest off a couple of cakes.

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