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  1. anti

    anti Member

    i dont know about you guys, but hydrocodone isnt really that great. the only realy cool thing is i can slap myself in the face, and it doesnt hurt. the first few times i took it it was cool. id take like 8, and id be good. the other day i took 15, and nothing. how long does it take for your tolerance to go back to normal?
  2. 15? thats insane. You probably damaged your liver so bad. If they were 5mg hydrocodone and 500 mg's acetaminophen. Then you almost doubled the maximum amount of tylenol in a 24 hour period! And you took them in like a 5 minute period.
  3. LostChord

    LostChord Member

    then you're taking it wrong

    you really wanna get fucked up... crush up a pill or two and do lines of it... and if thats not good enough smoke a little weed (some of the powder mixed in) and take a few shots... but hydrocodone gives me bad headaches coming down
  4. madboy139

    madboy139 Member

    DO NOT SNORT OR SMOKE HYDROCODONE. do you realize how big those pills are. even without fillers/binders thats 505 milligrams of shit up your nose. smoking it is also pointless because youd have to smoke so much. a little sprinkled with weed will not get you high.
  5. daymuse

    daymuse Member

    What the fuck is up with taking 8-15 you fucking retard?
    Smoking it with weed will get you high. Snort at your discretion.

    Madboy, Who the fuck are you to be telling anyone to be careful? We'rent you talking about taking uppers with downers in some other post???
  6. makno

    makno Senior Member

    hydromorphine-dilaudid ....yea now ter talkin!
  7. mssunshine

    mssunshine Member

    umm...yeah you should be careful taking high doses *IF* your not used to it...i was taking the vicodin ES 7.5/750..upto 10-15 a day...my dr JUST switched me yesterday to vicodin HP which i believe is 10/650...my body is used to the high dosage, since i have been on them for a year and half now, however liver damage is a reality for me from the excess junk in the pills....
  8. crackforkids

    crackforkids Senior Member

    its not supposed to be that great. 8 is crazy. 15 is liver damage guarentee.

    drink a LITTLE bit on them. not too much. tolerance should be gone in like a week or a week and a half if you havent been doing to much. if youve been using them everyday for a LONG time, you just need to find new drugs, that will stop working
  9. 7leafclover

    7leafclover Member

    Definately crush a little up and snort it. Also, sprinkling a little of it on a bowl will fuck your world up. The combination will make you feel like your floating.
  10. BoozeJockey

    BoozeJockey Member

    Msunshine...No real doctor would prescribe someone 10 vicodin ES's a day, that is guaranteed quite bad liver damage(if taking this many for a period of time) and it is also quite bad on your kidneys...
  11. mssunshine

    mssunshine Member

    First off, i never said it was okay to take that amount...i just stated that is the amount i take....and im perscribed 6 a day...1 every 4 hours....as for my dr...yes he does perscribe for me that amount....and has for a year and a half...thanks to the beautiful healthcare in this country...it has taken that long and that much red tape to get approval for my MRI for my back...which i just got last month...and now i have FINALLY been passed off to the surgeon...not that you wanted to know all of that...lol...

    contrary to peoples opinions...i would like to get off the stuff...its cool once in awhile, but to be dependent on it...and then have the withdrawls that come with it when you go through your perscription way before your supposed to...it sucks....i would actually rather have the problem fixed and stay away from perscriptions, and go back to the fun, illegal street drugs :):):)
  12. TreePhiend

    TreePhiend Member

    I just got some hydrocodones and railed half a pill yesterday. It got me fucked up, but that shit is harsh as hell and burns like a motherfucker when snorted.
  13. BoozeJockey

    BoozeJockey Member

    Ah ok mssunshine, makes more sense when you put it that way, lol sorry. And yes i have also experienced the terrible healthcare in the states...
  14. Maggie Sugar

    Maggie Sugar Senior Member

    It is not uncommon for pain patients to be prescribed 10 or so a day. Some docs do NOT want to use Schedule II drugs, so you are stuck with the shit with fillers in them, and if you NEED them, a good doc shouldn't let you suffer.

    Vicoprofen is 7.5 mgs of hydrocodone with 200 mgs of iibuprofen in it. Not as hard on your liver, and if you take it with some pepsid, not too hard on your stomach. My doc has me on both, to help with tolerance. It kinda works. A good doctor should be doing liver function tests at least once a year. More if you have had any liver problems. My liver is fine, but I do not drink ANY alcohol. I think the alcohol, even in small amounts adds to the toxicity. I should, according to some stats, have liver problems by now,(YEARS of ODing on OTC tylenol products when I wasn't being treated properly for my pain) but the fact that I NEVER drink has saved my liver. I have to warn people that it is also the fact that mixing booze with opiates effects your respiratory system and isn't safe. I wouldn't drink on Hydro for any reason. Liver or lungs.

    Tolerance sucks, as if you are taking the drug for pain, it just keeps going up and up. You stay at the same dosage for quite a while, then have some nasty breakthrough pain and have to increase. The healthcare system KNOWS the huge quantites of the fillers are dangerous, but doesn't care. It is a difficult thing for docs to prescribe Schedule II drugs (as you can't get refills, the doctor and the pharmacist has to make reports to the DEA, and they are more expensive) if the asinine Scheduling system in the US were eliminated, it would only help the health of those with pain disorders.
  15. mssunshine

    mssunshine Member

    I dont know the difference in the scheduled drugs. You keep saying schedule II drugs. Dont they have just straight vicodin you can take without anything else in it?
  16. Yea but that's more restricted - schedule 2.
  17. madboy139

    madboy139 Member

    no they dont have that. hydrocodone is always prescribed with an NSAID. and it would be the same schedule either way. and smoking/snorting hydrocodone is almost completely ineffective.
  18. Maggie Sugar

    Maggie Sugar Senior Member

    Yes there is a hydrocodone with no fillers in it, but it is Schedule II. Most doctors, if they have to go through the trouble to write a Schedule II drug will use Oxy or Morphine. Most won't write a prescription for hydrocodone or codiene without the fucking fillers, as it carries the same weight as a stronger drug. Both codiene and hydrocodone are available with no fillers, they are Schdeule II and almost impossible to obtain, even in chronic pain treatment. Most doctors will go with a filler drug, to stay under Schedule II in Schedule III or IV or even V, or go with Oxycodone or Morphine for more severe pain, if they want to do a Schedule II.

    Also, the fillers are not all NSAIDs. NSAID stands for "Non Steroidal AntiInflamitory Drug" Tylenol is NOT an anti inflamitory, it is in a class by itself, although some include in in the NSAID class, it does nothing for inflamiation, like ibuprofen, aspirin or the other NSAIDs do.
  19. steve-rudy

    steve-rudy Member

    I read these posts and was pretty disturbed. i was prescribed hydrocodone for chronic pain and took alot for a year then realized the actemine? tylenol problem and asked my DR for pure pain reliever and he presrcibes oxycodone

    I'm amazed no one said this...doing 2-3 grams of hydro can kill you, and daily?? U will regert it when ur on dialysis or dead or worse....see yr dR and tell him u cant tolerate tylenol(acet) and beg for oxycodone..its so pure..no damge and better!!! so why ever take h again??? good luck
  20. steve-rudy

    steve-rudy Member

    take milk thistle..Milk thistle is an herb..natural...cheap..walmart, mostr drug stores have it. ITS A MUST if you're gonna take any drugs...any...its the only proven natural thing that actually protects the liver from toxins and rejuvenates it..YOU MUST TAKE IT...if u take the reccomended 3 caps a day..depends on amt etc but u might get small tremors...i have been taking 1-2 a day for 3 -4 yrs and I KNOW ITS SAVED MY LIFE...i've od'ed a few times and would be dead w/o it.
    BE CAREFUL....drop alllll tylenol - acetemetaphine i can't spell oit..tylenol can kill u they should get rid of it...

    so..switch to oxycodone and take milk thistle and u might make it

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