Hydrocodone on 6405n sap 5-50 gc/ms test

Discussion in 'Drug Testing and Legal Issues' started by zeitgeist27, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. zeitgeist27

    zeitgeist27 Member

    I am freaking out been popping vikes for days then had a random urine test (6405n sap 5-50 gc/ms) for work. I've heard alot about them not testing for hydrocodone on the standard 5 panel but, there has been alot people saying you will test positive for opiates. Who's right who's wrong I don't know. But my plant is closing in a month, I'm afraid of losing my severance if I fail. Best case scenario that it doesn't show up. Or it does I explain myself and they just suspend me for a few days or something. Worst case I get fired lose my severance and have to tell my wife I fucked us beacause I'm a dumbass.

    In any case I'll repost what I find out, so maybe it will help someone.
  2. zeitgeist27

    zeitgeist27 Member

    Two weeks and nothing heard, must have passed. Jesus, I was scared shitless!
  3. NICU97203

    NICU97203 Member

    Wow, you got lucky. Most of the time hydrocodone shows up on the "Opiate" panel so you pulled one over on them this time. Good luck, man!


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