Hush a bye Daddy.

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by USNavyDeadHead, Dec 31, 2004.

    For Justin Marius


    Hush a bye baby

    Gone without a word

    Daddy’s gonna love you

    No matter how it hurts

    Hush a bye Daddy

    Its okay

    I know I will see you

    In heaven someday

    Hush a bye baby

    It’s been so long

    But I still hear

    Your heartbeat’s song

    Hush a bye Daddy

    The music plays still

    I always loved you

    And I always will

    Hush a bye baby

    The time’s gone by

    I never got to sing you

    That lullaby

    Hush a bye Daddy

    My soul is free

    You can always smile

    And sing for me

    Hush a bye baby

    Can’t believe you’re gone

    I don’t want to face

    Each morning’s dawn

    Hush a bye Daddy

    Please don’t cry

    I can always hear

    Your lullaby
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    i know this wasn't easy to write...

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