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    When you’re feeling down and all alone the world seems like a movie over which you have no control, but still you put on a face and smile like nothings wrong.

    When everybody’s against you, and you want to escape but don’t know how. You pretend nothing bothers you and walk down the same path in life over and over again.

    When people you thought you knew change into people you dislike, you shouldn’t care it does not affect you right? But you can’t help think in the back of your mind, is it me or them that’s not allright?

    You want things to change you want to get out, but your feet are in concrete and your hearts in your hand, you even start doubting what your souls telling you. But have faith in yourself you’ll pull through.

    When the world spits you out onto the floor, don’t worry your harder and can handle even more! If you get just one foot on a new road then hopefully you’ll end up were you want to be. Be yourself, be free.
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    pain awakens us to our unfettered potential for perseverence. evolution persists.

    much love :)
  4. this is so wonderful
    to assist yourself in your words...

    how we long for all, how we long for life
    yet how we fall...

    be stronge in life like your poem

    be refreshed and keep writing

    again lovely piece full of all our hopes and fears

    yet so brave ......

    love n peace from saff
  5. hey this is crystal michaels fience i want to tell you i really like this poem i can really relate to it cause that is just what im going through with my family ive been trying for 20 years now to figure out who just is not there me or my parents they gave me up when i was younger and ive tried over and over to make things better between us but i guess it will never happen i gave up tying for something that they dont want!!!
  6. Keramptha

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    its emotive, thanks for sharing.. its very honist
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    people (talking in general) don't realize who we really are till we get hurt... we're daughters /sons, friends classmates students acquaintances nephews nieces grandchildren possibly aunts uncles...And one down fall on life its like my life is crap when really just one bad day or 1 month of really strong stress lvls can cause the crash of my whole family just doesn't care my friends just don't care because in general our self esteem is low. Its very weird how people can attack ones mind when really we are in control of our own mind.

    Take Care
  8. TrippinBTM

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    I can really relate to this, good stuff.

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