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    Offer housing to Hurricane survivors

    How it works:
    • Your info is hidden. If you offer to host, people looking for housing will be able to see your posting, but not your name and email. You can choose whether or not to list your phone number.
    • We pass you requests by email. When someone requests housing through our site, we will send you an email with their contact info and their message to you. It's your responsibility to follow up with them by email or phone..
    • You remove your offer when it's filled. When you post an offer, we'll send you a confirmation email with a link to remove your posting in case you fill it, or no longer have space. People will continue to contact you until you do so.
    • Be patient. Even with our outreach efforts, it may take up to a week or two for word of the housing you've offered to reach the people who need it.
    • <LI class=style3>Be smart. We can make no guarantees about the people who contact you. They have simply seen our website or contact number. Please use common sense and caution (see our guidelines for deciding if a request will make a good match). YOU decide who to take in, among the people who contact you.
    • Don't discriminate. This is a time to pull together, as a nation. You may not post offers which specify preference for people of a certain race, religion, class, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.
    • Use your real zip code, please. Posts from other parts of the country which use southeast zip codes make the site confusing for evacuees, and will be removed.
    • Housing in the Southeast is best. The greatest need for housing is within several hundred miles of the affected region, though some evacuees are being transported to distant cities, and need housing there too.
    • Only list your own housing. Please don't post lodging that's not actually yours to offer!
    • Offers should be free. You cannot charge rent.
    • Hurricane survivors need work too. If, in addition to housing, you can connect hurricane survivors with temporary work, please note that in your description

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