Hurrah for Canada

Discussion in 'Marijuana' started by MikeE, Oct 17, 2018.

  1. rollingalong

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    if you can dip them in coffee they qualify as breakfast
  2. relaxxx

    relaxxx Senior Member

    Hey, if you guys call cookies biscuits then what do you call biscuits!?

  3. Biscuits

    We are not 3 years old

  4. They had Pina Colada ones as a limited edition thing a year or two back, there is a thread about it somewhere here.

    I thought the chewy caramel ones are awesome, the Pinada colada ones were like sex for you mouth - a statement that makes no sense for anyone thats used their mouth for sex.

    But anyhoo, i did email in at one stage, aling the lines of - when the fuck are the pina colada ones coming back. I didnt say fuck of course, i didnt even get a free sample
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  5. Tyrsonswood

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    More like 9
  6. Irminsul

    Irminsul Valkyrie

    I always did like the commercial for Tim Tam's with the Jeanie.

  7. Wow, thats going back

    And whilst searching for the pic I discovered Cate Blanchet was in one of those ads

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  8. relaxxx

    relaxxx Senior Member

    Oh, I see...

    Mr sophisticated eats chocolate biscuits called Tim Tam's.

    Hey, you know what? I've heard both words cookie and biscuit used as slang for vagina, and all three are best served moist.
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  9. SpacemanSpiff

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    now we can hopefully get real news on our newscasts instead of all these stupid stories about weed

  10. Never heard them referred to as biscuits.

    Fair to assume a guy referring to a gyna as a biscuit is probably eating both of them wrong
  11. relaxxx

    relaxxx Senior Member

    How you figure that? Getting stuck into a nice biscuit ain't rocket science.

    Only way to get that wrong is if the dog ends up eating it.
  12. MikeE

    MikeE Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    I've heard slang about a guy who was "kicked in the biscuits"
  13. I'minmyunderwear

    I'minmyunderwear voice of sexy

    biscuits and vaginas: if they're too dry, just put some butter in them.
  14. relaxxx

    relaxxx Senior Member

    Or margarine, or... gravy?

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