Humans are not superior

Discussion in 'Animism' started by plantsarepeopletoo, Jul 1, 2012.

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    Maybe you.
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    I've never seen an Oak tree or an Elephant in charge of a nation. Im afraid you are wrong my friend. As it stands at this point in the Earths long life, Human Beings are currently the superior species. But now is a very minute time period in the Earths history.
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    All values are "very subjective human values". To the best of our knowledge, we're the only species that has values.

    This statement seems pretty much meaningless. Humans are the only known species in the universe who have formulated the concepts of "superior" and "inferior". Pinning one or another of those labels on something may make it such by definition. But my dog can still outdo me when it comes to hearing things and smelling things. Xenophanes thought that if horses and oxen had hands and could draw pictures, their gods would look remarkably like horses and oxen. But they don't--have hands and draw..
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    except that every one of those "facts" is false (or at best only partially true) if examined objectively.
    for example, the ability to kill is orders of magnitude from "they die at our whim", nor are we unique in possessing it.

    in what way does the capacity to destroy our own means of existence make us "gods", especially as we would not have the capacity to survive doing so?

    the only thing unique to humans on earth, is our motivation to make so much furnature that we seldom see anything else,
    and by that means alone, enabling ourselves to imagine our selves a separate thing,
    for which there is no objective evidence to support.
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    You know what, I'm fucking sick of this "Humans are the real disease" narrative. Life is nothing but a competition between various diseases. The last few generations of humans have all but dropped out of the race. The damn vermin that my grandparents nearly wiped out are taking over. Deer and raccoons and porcupines and coyotes oh my... I have three different types of fucking ticks in my field, been nearly crippled with lyme disease. Fuck nature to hell. If I had a magic button that annihilated all life forms non essential to humans, I'd smash that so hard! If we can't eat it or farm it or use it to farm... GONE! Fuck the circle of life, "oh no the frogs and the bats need mosquitoes..." Oh because fucking BATS are doing great things right now huh!? Fuck 'em all. I would eat soylent paste in a tube for the rest of my life if I could step outside without being assaulted by nature. Fucking mosquitoes and flies and yellow jackets dive bombing my damn face, fucking pollen allergies, fucking rats digging holes around my house... This is no way to live!
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    People seem to conflate different with superior. If we are holding a competition to design the best internal combustion engine, or to quickly solve written calculus equations then it is pretty clear that humans will beat every other animal we know of. If we are having a competition involving picking things up with our noses, then the Elephants will put us to shame. Elephants are not trying to evolve the ability to manufacture engines, and humans are not trying to evolve a nose that can do the amazing things that an elephant's trunk can do. Different doesn't mean superior, and each organism needs to be adept at solving the problems it actually encounters.

    Humans, just like every organism, are unique in their own ways. But one thing is clear, as of yet we have no real evidence suggesting that any non-human animal has any means of communication that is even remotely as complicated or adaptable as human language. Still that doesn't mean we are better, except at actual tasks involving that kind of communication.
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