How to talk to my parents about barefooting?

Discussion in 'Barefoot' started by gettingusedto, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. I'm 16 and I really want to start being a full time barefooter.
    I've already finished secondary school so nothing really bounds me to shoes anymore. But how do I explain the whole thing to my parents, that I don't want to wear nor own shoes anymore, etc, etc? I'm not sure of what their reaction will be, but they will most likely not accept it just like that
  2. Matje

    Matje Member

    Just start going barefoot without announcing it.

    When they ask why don't you have any shoes on your answer could be I'll put them on when I need them.
  3. dixie_pixy

    dixie_pixy HighMandi

    Sounds like you have some pretty uptight parents if they are concerned about your foot wear.

    Don't ask them or tell them. It's your business what you do with your body. At 16, if you aren't getting tattoos or doing dumb shit, you're old enough to decide what you want to wear on your own feet.

    Being barefoot is great, I don't do it at work and usually I wear thin flip flops (I'm a part time barefooter). So, if for some reason your parents are so anal as to disapprove of your foot wear then you can always just do it part time. Also, not to encourage you to go behind your parents back (but it's an option), just take your shoes off when you aren't around them.

    Good luck, enjoy foot freedom!
  4. Tricky one this for you. I'm guessing that as you've referred to "secondary school" as opposed to high school you're here in the uk? The weather is just warming up, without being too hot for new bare feet, so it's a good time to start

    Try being a little bit sneaky, not deceptive, but catch your parents unawares. Start going out barefoot when they're not home and get used to the feelings and sensations. When you're ready, arrive home barefoot, but without carrying shoes, when they're in and wait for the reaction / questions. This way you're not going to have to work out how to tell them or bring it up - your barefootedness will do it for you. Look at it this way, if they see you barefoot and don't challenge it, you've not got a problem. If they do, then they're opening the conversation, not you.

    Prepare yourself with the answers though. It's not dangerous, you're unlikely to catch diseases (though there is always the small possibility) it's not any more unhygienic for dirty bare feet than it is dirty soles of trianers, you're making a lifestyle choice, you enjoy it etc etc. Try and be confident and assured, but definitely not confrontational that will just get your parent's backs up

    Good luck and enjoy barefoot living!
  5. charlie35

    charlie35 Member

    I do feel for you because at 16 I would have been equally uptight about it. I think it's a sad reflection on parents that they are still making their offspring even worry about this. Number one you are NOT doing anything wrong, and they can't tell you otherwise. As others have said, just start going barefoot without saying anything or feeling you have to explain yourself. You might find you are pleasantly surprised to find your parents don't even say anything, or at worst might even just joke about it, which you can just laugh off. At 16 you are old enough to decide what to wear, so just go for it and see what happens. Don't do what I did at that age and sneak off somewhere out of sight to remove your shoes, always worried that you're going to be caught!!:)

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