How to start organizing in my high-school

Discussion in 'Activism' started by Theory5, Jan 23, 2009.

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    Hey, I have joined this forum. let me tell you a bit about me first. I have been listening to the band Anti-Flag for a couple years now, but lately I have been really LISTENING and one of my favorite songs is "Depleted Uranium is a War Crime". I read up more on how the US is using Depleted Uranium in their weapons which have raised mutations in iraq by 600%. I have felt that the US government needs to be replaced with less corrupted people. I want to educate people on what the US government and military, and big corperations are doing. I would like to start educating people in my school (who have very little knowledge of current events) (I go to a technical high that does mostly stuff like construction, metal fabrication, etc. i went there for computers and now I found out that was a very bad choice.) Anyways how would I go about educating people about what the government and giant corperations actually do? Has anyone organized anything like this in their high-school? Could you guys help start me off?
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    you have to start by bringing folks together. use creative flyering, word-of-mouth, etc to organize an interest meeting. if the meeting goes well, the people who came to it will pass it along too, and that's when you create a bigger meeting.

    tabling also works, especially in a high school setting, though you may want to talk with the administrators first to see where you can set one up. if you need me to elaborate on any of this, let me know!

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