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Discussion in 'Class Suggestions' started by skip, Dec 7, 2008.

  1. skip

    skip Founder Staff Member

    Post up your class idea as a new thread in this forum. People can then reply if they're interested. Once you have enough people to make it worth your while, we will setup the class for you. You do not have to teach the class to suggest it. But an instructor must volunteer before the class can start.

    For each class suggestion, please post a basic syllabus describing the lessons and any requirements for students. Please note we do not have "testing" or grades here. But you may assign tasks to students such as read this book and report on it. Or try this recipe and let us know how it goes...

    Students don't need to signup officially, just participate in the class. Others can just audit a class without participating. No requirements for them.

    Does that sound easy enough?
  2. how many are "enough people to make it worth your while"?
  3. Hazel Field

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