How to Smoke in Your Room and Not Get Caught

Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by Cosmo4, May 9, 2004.

  1. Cosmo4

    Cosmo4 Member

    How to Smoke in Your Room and Not Get Caught
    -By: Koko

    The Smell
    The smell is the easiest way to give away that you're smoking. Because it hell. Anyways, when you smoke, make sure that the doors in your room are closed, and locked. And make sure that you don't have anything open that would stop the fast circulation of the closets, or doors or anything. You might want to roll up a towel and put it in the crack under the door to keep smell going through that way. If you have any vents that go throughtout the house, you can close them, cover them, or something. I never did anything with mine though. Anyways, you're going to want to make a spoof. A spoof is a toilet paper roll with some fabric softener (the little good-smelling sheets that you put with your clothes in the dryer). You blow the smoke through one end, and have it go through a bunch of dryer sheets, and then it comes out the other end smelling good. Take one of these sheets and put it over one of the ends of the roll. Next, stuff crumpled up fabric softener sheets down in there.. Put as many as you want.. You'll find a good amount after a little while of trying it. And you might want to cover the sides of the toilet paper roll with duct tape or electrical tape..I don't really like the feel of the cardboard. You blow the smoke through this when you're done hitting the pipe, and it comes out of the other end smelling like fabric softener. Now, you don't want the smell to linger, so turn on your fan as fast as it'll go to circulate all of the air throughout the room..
    If you were to do the same after smoking a bowl without using a spoof, the smell would stay in the room and just circulate around and around..believe me, I know.

    The Noise
    Well the noise you make when coughing can be a dead giveaway..if you're parents hear you hacking up a lung they'll probably come to see if you're alright. Try not to cough if possible. If you need to cough, make sure you have the spoof over your muffles the sound (it muffles the sound better when you have electrical tape coating the outsides, though). You can also cough into a towel or a pillow or something.
    The noise of the lighter (the little click sparking sound) can be really loud .. so you're going to want to use a candle. Light the candle with the lighter (this should be the only click sound you hear during the session). Keep the lit candle next to you while you're smoking.. when you want to relight the lighter, just press down the little button for the lighter gas, and it'll light. With no whooosh of the lighter! [​IMG]

    The 'Rents
    Make sure your 'rents are asleep or getting ready to go to bed before you do this.. it makes it a lot less stressful on yourself .. because you can usually do it without getting caught.. If they knock at the door, just say you're getting dressed or something.. and hide everything real quick (don't move much, they hear it if you walk across the find somewhere within arms reach). For example, if you're at a computer desk, you might want to hide something behind the monitor..or next to the desk, or whatever. They probably won't see it when they come in.

    The Eyes
    Well to get rid of the red eyes, use Visine. Plain and simple. I've tried generic brands..but they didn't work. I had to use Refresh eyedrops for a while, and they sucked horribily. They didn't make my eyes any whiter, they just made them more glazed over.. And they hurt after a while. Don't use eyedrops if you don't have to..they're just uncomfortable [​IMG]

    About Me
    Well I have been smoking since August.. and I've never gotten caught or accused or anything. But on 4/20 I told my mom I smoke (we were having a discussion about how it was National Pot Day) and I came out and told her I smoked. She doesn't care now, so I can smoke without having to worry about the smell.[​IMG] However, I wanted to share my methods with the other less-fortunate people out there [​IMG]

    So I hope you like my tutorial.. feel free to post suggestions/comments/anything about it.

  2. Peace

    Peace In complete harmony.

    Wow dude, you do all of this when your parents go to bed? IF there in bed the lighter shouldnt matter. I wouldnt smoke in a circle using a candle. The wax could drip on your hands and burn you or drip into the bowl. The easiest thing to do is shut your door and open a window. When your done smoking spray some Axe or any other cologne
  3. Ganjaman420

    Ganjaman420 Member

    I dont get it. well i get the spoof but what should i smk out of because if u smk a bowl the smk comes out of the bowl after you take a hit and that would make it smell. so wut do u smk out of and how do u keep smk from coming out of it after u take a hit? thnx
  4. Cosmo4

    Cosmo4 Member

    You can basically smoke out of anything except a joint or a blunt, because those let off a LOT of smoke.

    To minimize that kind of smoke, you can:

    • Put a small amount of weed in there (one hit) so when you're done with the hit, it won't burn anymore
    • Only light one section of the weed at a time
    • Use a bottle cap, the end of the lighter, or anything else to put out the cherry after you've hit it, and relight it for your next hit.
    But I never worried much about the smell of the bowl after I lit it [​IMG]

    Yeah I used to do it after they were settled down for the night so they wouldn't come up in the middle of the session. Not necessarily while they were IN bed, but while they were just staying downstairs for the rest of the night (ya know, after everyone says goodnight and goes their seperate ways in the house). And my room is on top of theirs, and my mom told me once that she could hear EVERYTHING we say and stuff if she's down there (not in a mean way, just telling me so I don't do anything stupid) and she said "if you ever want to get away with anything, don't do it in your room [​IMG]" but she still had no idea.

    What do you mean about smoking in a circle? Like with a group of friends or something? Then just leave the candle on a table or in front of everyone so you all can reach it .. and I think we're thinking of different candles. I'm referring to one that catches the wax so it doesn't drip on the table or anything.. like the round baseball-sized ones that you can get.. or the ones in the little glass containers. But don't use emergency candles or straight candles because those will drip everywhere and that would not be fun. Oh I think you're thinking that I light the bowl with the candle, right? No, I'm using the candle to provide a flame so I can light the lighter, which I light the bowl with.

    And yes, an open window is good. But Axe is WAY too strong and I'm pretty sure my parents would know what was goin' on if they came up and my room smelled like smoke and cologne mixed together..they were kids once too. [​IMG]
  5. Peace

    Peace In complete harmony.

    whats the point of smoking in your room if your going to be up tight and scared about it. just walk outside and smoke there.
  6. Ganjaman420

    Ganjaman420 Member

    sounds kinda risky. I just go into my bathroom and smoke the whole place up with a towel under my door and the window open and shower on as hot as it can go so that steam comes out. Then i just let the whole bath room steam up when im done maybe spray a little of that air freshener while the shower is on. Then i hop in turn the water down a little so i can get clean. Then turn it back on hot hot when i get out and dry up. then the bathroom is really really hot becaue of all the steam. Then i jsut turn off the shower spray some more air softner. but what i found out was to take baby powder and throw it in the air. that stuff totally kills the smell of pot like 1 hand full of it and you will not smell pot. works for me and i dont trust the poofer thing. what happens if i make a mistake.
  7. Cosmo4

    Cosmo4 Member

    If I was to walk outside in the middle of the night my parents would ask where I'm going..and if you want to smoke out of a pipe or bong you might not be able to hide it very well..or pack the bowl if it's dark out. And the neighbors could be watching.

    I'm sorry everyone, I do this because I used to be paranoid as hell and I thought that my paranoia helped me come up with good ways to hide smoking from my parents. So I wanted to share them to see if they could help anyone else [​IMG]

    And GanjaMan, you wouldn't make a mistake with it. If you needed it I could post pictures of it to show you what it is exactly..I think my explanation was pretty shitty [​IMG]

    That's a good idea with the shower..I just never knew if it worked or not. I didn't want to risk it, ya know? And it would kind of suck having to shower every time you smoke.. I could light up whenever I want with this method [​IMG]

    And at our house we have to take short(er) showers so we don't use up all of the hot water.
  8. It takes some practice, but I'm able to hit my pipe without any extra smoke. All smoke is exhaled through the poofer (spoof, whatever you call it).

    Right before you're done taking your hit put your thumb over the bowl making sure no smoke escapes, your thumb will extinguish the bowl. After a few seconds the bowl should be extinguished. The key is to keep slowly inhaling until you cover the bowl so that all the smoke is still drawn inside the pipe but you're not keeping the bowl burning. After the bowl is extinguished clear the pipe making sure no smoke remains.

    Or, you could just get a one hitter if that seems like too much work for you. Either way, have fun!
  9. Cosmo4

    Cosmo4 Member

    Yeah one hitters are nice too..virtually no smoke and they can get you pretty high off of just a few hits.. [​IMG]
  10. Ganjaman420

    Ganjaman420 Member

    I made the best one hitter ever out of a Dr grip pen and the metal pen tip. all i did was take the tube and emptied every thing out. i took the metal tip putthe small side inside it then super glued it to the tube. It hit liek a mother fucker omg i could pack like .3 in there and take it in one hit if i packed it tight omg that was my baby until i threw it out because i feared of being caught at the movies one time. damn i miss it. it was red
  11. Peace

    Peace In complete harmony.

    if your THAT paranoid, use a vaporizer.
  12. TreePhiend

    TreePhiend Member

    only addition I can suggest: for the spoof, use a paper towel roll, they are longer *duh* and you can put more dryer sheets in there.

    or get a vaporizer and not have to worry.
  13. cotter builds

    cotter builds Member

    i go to my attic....theres low pressure in there so the air is blowing in. my parents never go up there, and they cant hear me go up there. when using a bowl, i just put my hand over it if its still smokin...i can do that cause i use massive clay tobacco can jam around an eigth in if you wanted. but the spoof thing, it does work. but in the summer i just set up a fan in my window and blow my hits into it.
  14. Cosmo4

    Cosmo4 Member

    That's a good idea TreePhiend. Never really thought of that [​IMG]

    We don't have any paper towel rolls in our house though..we just use napkins. So if you have one, use a paper towel roll...but if you don't you can use a toilet paper roll..hell you could even tape two together if you made sure it was airtight.[​IMG]
  15. Shamrock

    Shamrock Member

    to eliminate smell, have a face towel rolled up. when u finish a pipe hit, cover the pipe with the towel. then blow the smoke into the towel. get some incense going & you're good.
  16. I just smoke in the shower, turn on the fan and let that steam carry the smoke away. That way, the sound of the water covers up the coughing and the hot water gives you an excuse to have red, puffy eyes.
  17. i used to have to worry about getting caught all the time...

    something i used to do, you may want to try... get a rubber hose tube from the hardware store, like the thickness of your thumb and two or three feet. open your window just a crack and push the tube out far enough so you blow smoke through it and all of it will go off into the outdoor atmosphere... essentially you get zero weed smoke in the room.
  18. HappyHaHaGirl

    HappyHaHaGirl *HipForums Princess*

    I just leave the window open and light some incense...sometimes I smoke a cigarette, but mom would be really pissed if she found out I was smoking in my room....I guess I could just tell her it was on my clothes. I usually smoke in the bathroom, though, and then spray some hairspray and perfume around. I don't smoke very often, though, so I don't go to extremes to cover it up.
  19. i've never heard anyone call it a sploof...we call it a floabie, i dont know why. it sounds more fun though. does anyone else call it a floabie or is it just me?

    oh yeah, and i say just shut your door, open a window and light a stick of nag. nag champa is the best incense in the world for covering up the smell of weed
  20. Tsubasa

    Tsubasa Member

    Koko, I really liked this thread. I'm sure it'll save some poor kid somewhere from getting caught. I especially like the candle idea. I have only one suggestion to add, and it's one I'd like to know if it works for anyone else. Before you smoke, take a dose of cough medicine, whenever I do, I never cough while I'm smoking. Hope this works for everyone else!

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