How to recod or make sex video

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by bmj46, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. bmj46

    bmj46 Member


    I was wondering how people make Home sex videos ?

    I have laptop and 4 webcams but i am not sure how to get them recoding 4 videos at same time in different angles

    did anyone here tried it ?
    How was your sex video

  2. LisAnd

    LisAnd Member

    I've used my phone in the past, a samsung galaxy S3, got good quality video on it.
    You could set up one of your webcams to record from a static position and set that to record.
    Then you can edit both in windows movie maker
  3. bmj46

    bmj46 Member

    Hi was looking more with my laptop

  4. michijyun

    michijyun Guest

    one sex partner I had recorded him fucking me on his iPhone, but the clip was really short; he also recorded himself getting a bj from my friend (had NO IDEA they were fucking around, lol!) and just emailed the beginning and end of the video to himself since iPhones have an email limitation; no editing, just the straight clip

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