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Discussion in 'Body Modification' started by ArmOutsideIn, May 31, 2006.

  1. ArmOutsideIn

    ArmOutsideIn Member

    My mom is going out of town for about a week at the end of June and I think this is the perfect opportunity to get my tongue pierced. I figure I'm going to have trouble talking for a bit, but I was wondering how long a person usually has trouble speaking. Also, any ideas how to keep my mother from finding it? If I just talk with my teeth closed I should be okay, right?
  2. moon_flower

    moon_flower Banned

    Well, you're 16....unless you plan to do it yourself (which I don't recommend) or have a friend do it (ditto) piercer will do it for you without parental consent. And, taking an older friend won't have to prove the person is your parent (here and most everywhere I've been is like that, anyway).
    Why not just wait? Ask for it for a birthday gift or something.
    In any case....mine didn't swell at all. If swelling does happen, I always heard sucking on some ice will help with the swelling.
    Yea....I'm sure she wouldn't catch on if you talked with your teeth closed (heavily sarcastic).
  3. ArmOutsideIn

    ArmOutsideIn Member

    Alot of places here I don't ask for parental consent at all, usually they don't even ask your age. You just say you're eighteen, sigh something, and you're good.
    Also, talking with your teeth closed isn't that obvious.You sound just the same, it just takes a little practice.
  4. kingmurpheus

    kingmurpheus Member

    Well, i just got mine done 2 or 3 weeks ago. Granted i am 18, but my parents are highly against piercings and any sort of body mod, so i tried to hide it. My tongue barely got swollen, and i could talk fine, but somehow my ma still found out. I did try talking behind my teeth, and i think that is how she found out, so my advice is just do everything normally. Hell, i changed my bar 3 days after and it is fine, so you might be able to swap out a retainer or a clear bar before your ma gets home.
  5. moon_flower

    moon_flower Banned

    Then those places should be's not professional. And, they can have a lawsuit slapped on their laps should they pierce a minor.
    I just practiced....I definitely noticed a difference.
  6. Just wait til you're 18. When I hear that a place doesn't even ask your age or doesn't enforce those laws, it definitely sends up a red flag for me that maybe they're not being so professional about other things that they should be doing. Seriously, you have a lot of time ahead of you; might as well wait and get it done right. And talking behind your teeth will NOT hide'll just look like a jackass...who talks like that? Anyone who knows you would notice that right away. If you do go ahead and get it done and wish to hide it, just act and talk normally. I have close friends who I never knew had their tongue pierced until they stuck it out with the purpose of showing me. They are quite easy to hide. But, honestly, my biggest advice would be waiting and getting it done legitimately.
  7. mushie18

    mushie18 Intergalactic


    Yeah, a tongue isn't exactly something you can hide. Just wait, if you really want it that bad, it must be worth the wait...
  8. If you still want it in 2 years get it in 2 years when you are in college (it is far easier to hide something when you have time to get used to it and you live 4-14 hours away and can get a retainer for it when you go home), rather then getting hepatitis c from a shanty place who won’t card you. Your mother will more then likely freak out less if you are of age. If you spend any amount of time at home and your mother is anything better then oblivious she will find out and if she is anything like mine you will be forced to remove it and will be in trouble for lying about it.

    ps. If you must get it at somewhere that does not card make sure they use clean supplies (my place takes them out of their original bags right in front of you and throws them out when they are done) or use a fake id and go to a legitimate place.
  9. Horsie Laura

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    If you decide to get your tongue peirced I'd go for a clear plastic ball to screw on instead of the regular stainless steel/titanium one. I have two peircings in my tongue and both have a clear ball on them. If you look really close you can see them but they are hardly visible if I for example brush my teeth or hair in front of the mirror and no one I know has made a comment about me having tongue peircings since I put the clear balls on. Usually my Mum would say 'Whay do you have your tongue peirced doesn't it hurt?' when I had the regular balls in. The clear plstic ball are normally cheaper than anything else in the market too. I got mine for five bucks each other balls start from about ten(Where I live in Australia anyway).

    Hope this advice helps! Let us know how you get on.
  10. prismatism

    prismatism loves you

    haha i'm vulgar. i read the title and thought "in a poon".

    clear balls, and you might be able to find a somewhat-clear plastic middle-part-thing. at least it won't be glimmery. but you shouldn't do it unless you get it done professionally or by someone who REALLY REALLY REALLY knows what they're doing.

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