How to grow 3/4 LB of Magic Mushrooms in under 3 months

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    I should probably start by introducing myself. My name is Unnamed for this forum it is anyways. I do have another identity but will use Unnamed here instead of my other. I have 13,000+ posts on the largest mushroom growing community. I never had a passion in my life until I started growing ethnogens. I started growing mushrooms and finally found a passion in my life. Right now I have put growing mushroom’s on hold to learn another skill set. I just became authorized to grow my brother’s medicinal marijuana. So I don’t have room to do both and I am so missing growing mushies. I don’t even eat them anymore I am just obsessed with growing them.
    I can’t figure out how to PM someone or set my signature but hey I’m writing a long in depth tek for this community. On how to properly grow a large amount of mushies easily.
    I do provide spore prints and syringes to several large spore companies. I may be able to provide spores to some people if they have interest

    I’m hoping this will be a complete and comprehensive guide on how to grow 3/4 of a pound of Psilocybe Cubensis mushrooms in under 3 months start to finish. This will also be a fairly involved crash course on growing Magic Mushrooms. I see some old outdated information on Cubensis mushrooms and thought I would help this community out with some newer methods.
    1. Construction of a glove box
    2. Lids
    3. Source of inoculation
    A: Spore syringe from print
    B: Liquid Culture (LC)
    4. Spawn choices
    A: Grain Prep (rye and WBS)
    B: Cakes
    5. How to prepare a Monotub and pasteurize your coir substrate (This is still my tek but it was written out for another forum. I just edited to fit with the other information I am providing.)

    1. A Still Air Box or Glove Box (SAB/GB) is a mycologist’s best friend. You are going to curse trichoderma and other sorts of contams if you do this long enough. One safeguard we use to have nice clean healthy jars is the use of a GB (Glove box). There are millions of particles of nastiness all thru out the air just waiting to contaminate your jars and make them all sorts of funky colours. The principal behind a GB is that there is no moving air in in and all the mold and bacteria particles have settled on the ground. You are now working in an area that is virtually contam free. A GB is very easy to construct. Go out and get a rubbermaid tote a clear one is better so you can see thru but you can use a coloured one and cut a hole in the top and cover with saran wrap. Cut 2 holes in the sides of your GB big enough that you can stick your hand thru and that is pretty much it. To prepare your GB for use spray it with soapy water, 1:10 bleach:water or lysol. Wait 5 minutes and goto work. If using lysol wait at least 10 minutes. You dont want to spark your lighter and blow yourself up.
    As you can see my GB is pretty ghetto, but it works and I wouldn’t work without it
    2. To construct lids you will need
    mason jar lids
    1/4 inch and 3/8 inch drill bits
    RTV high temp silicone gasket silicone or any silicone rated above 280F
    Tyvek you can get it from USPS envelopes or you can buy construction tyvek but make sure there are no holes in the construction tyvek

    Cut a ¼ inch hole in between the middle of the jar and the lip of it. Drill the 3/8 hole across from it. Take RTV and use it to glue a tyvek quarter sized piece over the 3/8 inch hole. Use the RTV to fill in the ¼ inch hole with globs sticking out both sides of it. Your lids should look like this.
    Except for one thing I used tyvek for both sides. Since these lids pictured here I only tyvek one side. The other material on lids pictured here is synthetic filter material designed for mycology. Tyvek works fine and is free for americans at their post office.
    3. Now to inoculate your cakes or jars you are going to need a source of inoculation. I am going to go into 2 different methods of inoculation. No matter what you are going to need a spore print or a syringe.

    How to make a syringe
    Items you will need inside your GB
    Spore print
    Shot glass(Make sure you clean it out well with bleach and water)
    Scalpel or knife something metal to scrape the spores off of the print
    Syringe filled with clean sterile water

    Put a pot of water to boil on the stove. Once boiling suck water into the syringe and expel it into the sink. Do this 5-6 times and leave the water in the syringe to cool. You now have sterile water in a syringe. Place all items into your GB. First open your print so that you will be able to open it and get at the spores. Flame sterilize your scraping tool. Hold the tip of the lighter flame to your metal instrument until it is glowing red hot. Re sterilize your shot glass with an alcohol wipe. Scrape a small portion of spores into your shot glass. The less spores in your syringe is better. Less genetic competition. Heat the needle tip red hot and slowly expel the water in your syringe into your shotglass with spores. Be careful when you first depress the plunger. I’ve pushed too hard and water and spores goes everywhere. Stir the mix up with the needle tip and suck it back into your syringe. Let your syringe sit for 24 hours to rehydrate the spores.
    How to make a Liquid Culture(LC)
    A LC(Liquid Culture) is a great way to have a lot of inoculate ready. With the added benefit of growth showing within 24 hours.
    Items needed for an LC
    500 or 600 ML of water
    Source of sugar
    A: Karo 1 tblspoon
    B: Extra Light Malt Extract or Light Malt Extract (ELME/LME) 1 gram
    C: Turbinado sugar also referred to as Sugar in the Raw (SITR) Free packets of 5g from starbucks 10 grams
    Mason jar
    Lid as built above
    Piece of glass or marble
    If using karo or SITR use 500 ML of water if using ELME use 600 ml of water. Pour water into the mason jars. You may make 2 if not using quart mason jars. Add marble or piece of glass. This will help break apart the mycelium as in grows in the LC. PC the LC for 20 min at 15 PSI. Inoculate with 1 ml of spore solution from a spore syringe. Let this grow until nice and thick with white mycelium Just because an LC looks clean. Doesn’t mean it is. Make sure to shoot one test jar to test the LC. Making sure it grows nice and healthy without contams. Once you have a clean tested LC you can store this for years in your fridge
    Nice thick SITR LC.

    So you have the choice of using the LC or 1 ML of Multi Spore(MS) solution from your syringe for every jar. There are several other methods of inoculation but I am just going to stick with these two forms for now. I can give a crash course on agar, GLC or G2G if the need arises.
    4. Spawn Choices
    A: Grain Prep
    This is the same for Rye or Wild Bird Seed(WBS) with one exception for the boil. Rye I simmer for 20 minutes. Wbs I just bring to a boil and turn off. Measure out your grain. Either rye or WBS I try 2 cups per quart. Depending on how much moisture is present it will swell to different volumes. Just A good starting point is 2 cups per quart. Pour the dry grain into a bucket and fill 1/3 over with boiling water. Let this sit for 1.5 hours or more and it will swell up. Strain out the water and put into a large pot and cover the grain with water and some. Bring to a boil. If you are doing WBS turn off the stove and remove from the element once it reaches a boil. If doing rye turn the heat down and simmer for 20 minutes. Strain the hot grain into a colander and let sit for an hour but mixing it up every 5-10 minutes. Load your jars with your prepared grain 2/3 rds full. Cover your lids with aluminum foil and Pressure Cook(PC) for 1.5 hours at 15 PSI
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    B: Cakes
    IF you have never grown mushrooms before I would suggest using cakes. Grain is a little more advanced. To continue on with this tek you will need 20-30 fully colonized cakes to use as spawn. You will not need a Pressure Cooker (PC) to do cakes. Things you will need though.
    Brown Rice Flour (BRF)
    250 ML mason jars wide mouth is best
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    and mix well
    Take 1 cup of BRF and add and mix.
    Fill your jars up til the top of the band leaving about ½ inch.
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    Wipe the band completely free of any moisture or verm/BRF mix. Any left is a possible vector of contamination.
    Pierce 4 ¼ inch holes at four points close to the band of the lid.
    Cover the jars with aluminum foil. Take a large pot and somehow elevate the bottom of the pot. I use jar bands, but you can use many layers of aluminum foil a tea towel. Something so the jars aren’t resting directly on the pot bottom. Put your jars onto your elevator and fill the pot 3-4 inches with water. Get the water boiling nicely and put on a tight fitting lid and put the heat on medium. Keep the jars in the boiling steam for 1.5 hours. Make sure to keep checking to make sure it doesn’t run dry on you. Once the jars are cool put them into your GB. While in the GB use your lighter to get your needle tip red hot. Take the foil off of the lids and put the needle into one of the ¼ inch holes. Squirt ¼ ML into each hole against the glass. If you’re using LC I would use 1 ml per hole. Resterilize your needle after every jar to prevent cross contamination. Inoculate all 4 holes on each jar. In 1-10 days you will start to see growth. I’ve had cakes take anywhere from 8 days to 45 days to fully colonize. Leave your cakes receiving ambient light and at room temperature. If you hear anything different it’s outdated and bullshit.
    Steve French guarding the colonizing jars.
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    5. How to prepare your Monotub and pasteurize your coir

    Items needed:
    5-10 liter spawn jars of cubensis spawn. 3-6 actual liters of spawn if your using bags.
    Mushies dont need a lot of light and the best light for shrooms is a 6500k light above and off to the side of your tub

    50-75 liter rubbermaid tote. Clear is best but you can cut the top out and tape saran wrap to allow light. Polyfill AKA pillow stuffing
    Thrash bag
    A way to cut out 5 cm holes on your new monotub. Tomato paste can heated on the stove. Knife and a way to get it hot to cut. Or a hole cut out drill.

    650g of dry coir. Note a lot of coir bought at hydro stores have been infected with trich which is absolutely no good. You need to get coir without trich in it
    2 Liters of vermiculite
    20 liter bucket
    1/2 cup of gypsum. You can obtain gypsum by taking a piece of drywall and beating it with a hammer and removing the paper. Just make sure the drywall doesn’t have green tape on it cause that means anti-fungal. No good for shrooms.

    Prepare the tubs.
    You need to cut 6 5 cm hole in your monotub. The placement of your holes depend on your sub depth.
    2 5 cm holes on the long sides of the tub about 2-3 cm above the top of your substrate depth
    1 5 cm hole on each end about 5 cm from the top of the tub.
    We are going to use a 9-10 cm sub depth so the center of your 5 cm holes on the sides is going to be about 12-13 cm from the bottom of the tub. These holes allow CO2 to exit the tub.
    You want the top of your holes about 2-5 cm from the top of the tub. This is for the 1 hole on each end of your tub. This hole is to allow Fresh Air Exchange to enter your mono and push the CO2 laden air at the bottom of your tub out.
    Take the new thrash bag and open it up in your tub to create a liner for it. Taping the bag about 12 cm up the side of the tub.
    Your monotub is complete and should look something like this.
    Your monotub is complete.

    How to prepare your substrate.
    Put 4 liters of water on the stove to boil.
    break up your dry coir(650g) into smaller pieces
    place coir and 2 liters of verm and 1/2 cup of gypsum into the bucket(the gypsum is completely optional)
    Pour 4 liters of boiling water into the bucket and give it a good stir. Cover with a lid or something and let sit for 45 minutes to an hour. Stir the mixture up and let sit 4-6 hours until cool.

    The more spawn the faster your tub will colonize. I like to use 7 liter jars of spawn or 4.5 liters of actual spawn. You could use 15-30 cakes as your spawn if you wanted to. Take the cakes and put them into brand new big freezer bags and break them apart.

    Tape up all the holes you cut with packing tape. Take your cooled coir/verm mixture and dump it into the tub. Leave aside about 4 cups and dump all the rest into your tub. You will use the 4 cups to cover your spawn/sub mix so that you cover any exposed grains/spawn.
    Mix your spawn in and with clean hands or gloves mix up the spawn and substrate. Take the remaining coir/verm mix and cover up all exposed spawn. Exposed spawn leads to trich.

    Leave your mono at room temp receiving ambient light. In several days you should start to see mycelium pop thru the surface. In about 10-14 days depending on the amount of spawn you used you will see the mono fully colonized. Once your tub is fully colonized you want to let it consolidate for 5 days or until you see pins whichever comes first.

    Take the tape off the holes and place in polyfill into your tub. This is where "dialing" in your tub comes into play. What you want is to be able to spray the whole mono tub until it is quite glistening with water but no pooling is occurring and within 12-16 hours the sub is dry again. This is a properly dialed in tub. To acceive this you have to either put more polyfill in the holes or remove poly until you have got your tub "dialed" in. You want to have your fan in the room but not pointed at your tub.

    Within 3-7 days you should see pins. With a 55 liter mono I get 7-9 oz dry first flush and 3-6 second then toss them cause space is at a premium and 3rd and 4rth flushes are usually really lame. I usually get wall to wall pinset first flush and much bigger shrooms second.

    Fanning and misting is beneficial to tubs but not necessary with a properly dialed in tub.
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    From day of inoculation to .75 lb crop 10 weeks

    I probably shouldn’t have posted this now. I should have waited til tomorrow to go thru it again. Im sure there are lots of mistakes. I apologize if it’s not clear and concise if you have any questions I am more than willing to answer them.
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    Its not often a noob gets a sticky...:p I removed an older cultivation method from the sticky, to give a fresh new character with more current teks a chance.. Dont disappoint. :)

    Welcome to Hip Forum..
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    First post sticky!!!!!!!!!??????
    UHHHHHHHH Fuck Yea

    I have been lurking here a few days. I have seen posts by you orisin. I know you know how to cultivate mushies. TYVM

    Now to figure out how to PM and make my signature
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    Why is everything so big on this page? big I keep having to shift the slide bar...forget about being able to actually any of the "art" or pictures.

    I think I would like to be able to see this. :)
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    Well truthfully if you use a picture/ad block you can read all the text and just open the pics back up later. Thats what i do even when pictures are big and hosted on hip forum..
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    Yea im really disappointed in how it turned out. This took me quite some time to write and prepare. It looks like shit. Give me a day or two and ill edit it. Ill make all the pictures smaller and ill re edit it. It probably needs a good editing. I just posted it without giving myself some time to go thru it. I had to post it cause ive done stuff like this in the past and just erased it before posting. Have some patience and Ill make it look better
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    Hey the info looked really put together well...and I'm actually interested in this subject matter. I'm just old and curious. I'd personally love to see some pictures of this product before it gets processed also.

    You did good. At least you CAN put pics in here...I'm too tarded to do anything but post typing and various smilies. :p
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    you only have a 48hr window to edit post here..
    you can make a sig, you just cant pm for a little while. its just set up that way..
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    Dam no PM's??? HMMM Thats a new forum policy ive never ran into before. It is what it is. And only 48 hours to edit a post. Wow that doesnt give me alot of time. I spent an hour yesterday trying to figure out how to make a signature but to no avail:shrug:
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    Well I fixed the pictures in the first post. Ill come back tomorrow and fix the rest
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    Those are some nice yields man, congrats. :)
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    Id like to be able to say "Yes Im special I get awesome yields because im amazing" I wish that were the case. Anyone can get results like this. Follow my method and you too can have results like this. I post all day long on shroomery. Most people that grow monotubs average about 4-6 ounces dry first flush with a 50 quart mono. I average 7-9. I only do one thing different, but that one difference is the difference between 4-6 ounces and 7-9 ounces. I would just like to see more people take on my style of growing and get wicked results like I do. Its not me its my method. Follow it and you too can grow a very large amount of shrooms very easily. I dont think anyone could make growing a large amount of shrooms any easier than what I wrote out in this tek. I just highly doubt its possible. Normally you only see results like this from a proven isolate. I dont even have a cube isolate anymore all of them got thrown out by an ex. All my grows are MS. Just follow this tek to the t and you too can have results like this.:biggrinjester:
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    I enjoyed this. I basically just skimmed as I'm in class, but I'll be sure to keep this tab up and give it a more in depth look at home.

    Off topic - Congrats on the sticky.
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    I hope you use it and get some great results like I do.

    Thanks about the sticky. Makes me very happy. Ive been doing this for about 4 years now. Its the only thing ive ever had a passion for in my life. Its nice to see it coming to fruition. Im trying to make it so I grow mushrooms for a living. I have a cpl small part time mushroom jigs, providing spores and LC's to a cpl large mushroom companies. I want to be that large mushroom company. Maybe growing shitake or oyster's.
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    That'd be super cool dude. Love seeing people with passion helping the community out.

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