--How to go Raw--

Discussion in 'Vegetarian' started by chaos, May 14, 2004.

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    --How to go Raw--

    Okay, I get the hint. Most people that come here are interested in raw but don't know how to get there. Here are the steps that worked for me, and most people:

    1. Start eating more fruits and veggies:
    -One large salad a day (dinner or lunch)
    -Eat high carb fruit for breakfast
    An orange (eat this first)
    Dates and raisins
    Ripe Bananas (eat until you're too full)

    2. Cut out traditional dinners a little at a time.
    -Eat two hours or more before bedtime.
    -Eat a large salad with greens, and a baked potato.
    -Eat until you know you're not going to be hungry, but don't stuff yourself
    -Only drink water twenty minutes or so after eating

    3. Wait for your tastes and digestive cycle to change
    -Fruit will seem more like a wonderful dessert
    -Vegetables will have unique noticeable tastes (even lettuce)
    -Meal size can become smaller without energy loss
    -Your body will adapt to high fiber foods (always regular etc.)
    -You might have detox symptoms:
    smelly breath
    funny tongue colors
    awful BO
    tiredness or sleeplessness

    4. Eliminate bad food
    -Stop using oils and grains
    -Stop eating cooked foods
    -Stop drinking anything but water and fresh juice

    5. Learn to maintain your energy levels and weight
    -Eat when you are hungry
    -Never eat a daytime meal without carbs
    -Eat plenty of high carb fruits for breakfast

    Things that are raw, but are not healthy:

    Grains: Grains have a negetive impact on your diets nutritional profile, are acidic, and a great way to destroy your teeth. Few are digestible raw, and even less are in any way beneficial.

    Dried Nuts: If you eat nuts soak them, or only eat very small amounts with alkaline foods. Some nuts are alkaline, still soak them. Sprouten nuts are vastly superior to dried nuts.

    Seeds: Don't over do seeds. Even the best seeds (buckwheat, sesame, flax, etc) are usually acidic. Eat soaked, sprouted, or with other more alkaline foods, and even then in moderation.

    To many acidic fruits (Tomato, orange, cranberry, pineapple). Interestingly enough acidic fruits are usually very tasty, but few are nutritionally unique. Try to eat acidic fruits at the begining of a meal (with alkaline sweet fruits), Or eat a small amount alone.

    To much juice. Juice lacks the fiber content of whole foods, and has a much higher glucose content than whole foods. Your body is not designed to take on large amounts of sugars without fiber and other mass slowing it's absorption. For me it's not a big deal, but it can give you all the negative side effects of table sugar. Some people also overdo the use of acidic fruits in juice, this is bad for your teeth and digestive system. Lastly, juice is good for roughly fifteen minutes. After that things break down rapidly because pulp walls and peels no longer protect the contents of the fruit. Always drink juice within minutes of making it. Of course my last gripe is the economy of juice. It's expensive to only eat part of a fruit, and toss the rest. Some people find uses for their pulp, but if it's stored it becomes nutritionally useless quickly.

    Lastly, Vitamins. If you haven't already heard. The only diet on the planet that can supply all of your nutritional needs, and some in excess is a plant based diet (one of vegetables and fruit). The only issue is with vitamin B12. For convenience you can get vegan B12 supplements. Some people use fermented foods (miso tempeh), but I'd rather just take a pill once a week. I am exploring home B12 production (without fermented soy products), but haven't gotten very far. I will post a new thread when I have something worth while. Of course if you eat primarily supermarket foods, you may end up deficient in trace minerals (including iodine), so either take a multivitamin, or get more family farm or organic produce.
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    the post above was written by didgeridoodoo in the old forum. i reposted it to get the discussion going again and to remind myself on my path to rawness!

  3. shutterfly

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    Wow! Going raw seems really ambitious. I don't know that I could do that just yet. My interest is definately piqued though.
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    I think that is one of the better ways to show how to go raw.
    It seems all i can do is say go slow.That is good to but There is more to going raw than just jumping into it.Good post.
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    hey didge where is astorcats new forum?
  6. Pablo

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    thank ye kindly

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