how to get out of depression

Discussion in 'Health' started by shhhhh im talking, Jan 6, 2005.

  1. sugar_mag321

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    well theres no way to really "get out" of it. depression is depression. BUT there are ways you can help it and yourself to where youre balanced! i suggest exercising and eating healthy above all things....and then just doing simple things such as trying new hobbies and stuff. dont think about how bad you feel, try to make an effort to ask how someones day is going, say hello to someone you dont know well...etc. this will help you focus more on other things that will make you feel better without you even realizing it! good luck.
  2. headymoechick

    headymoechick I have no idea

    I think you have to totally reinvent yourself and your attitude. meds don't work for shit anyway. change is the best medicine.
  3. artful_dodger

    artful_dodger Member

    Good advice so far... some of what helps for me:

    - figure out your triggers, and avoid them. For instance, financial uncertainty really throws off my equilibrium. So, through a combination of reducing my expenses, learning cash-free solutions to certain things, and stashing away some extra cash, I've worked to make myself more financially stable.

    - See if you can detect a pattern. I usually have two serious bouts of depression a year, in May and mid-December, that each abate after about a month. Knowing that I'm just going to go through hell for awhile, but knowing that it will pass helps. This year's winter bout hit in the fall, though, oddly... but, that's another story.

    I hope this helps... take care.
  4. Never underestimate the power of positive thought. I know how much depression sucks. I have been though that hole myself. There are aspects in your life which bring you down. Dwelling on them is bad for you. We all do it. That is the fact that you are human and as such flawed. I have got myself out of depression several times. I have never seen a psych or have taken meds. But the most important thing is to have somebody to talk to. Counselling is excellent. The best thing to do is to reflect and throw out the crap. Start thinking the glass is half full instead of empty. Look to the future not the past. Looking back is so tempting sometimes but the past is best left where it is. The past!! What is there is there. You can't change it. Just move on. Some people think you can snap out of it. But you can't. But overtime with support you can. Take every day as it comes. I could harp on for ages. You got to reflect on the positive things you have going for you. If you don't then create those oppotunities. They are out there for anybody who wants them. If I dwell on the positive my ego gets a boost. I feel better about myself.


    Reading artfuldodgers post I agree with him. I normally get depressed about winter time. Stupid biological clock!! I also have a few triggers. But sometimes I can't help but avoid them. Relationships are a trigger for me. I hate it when people go on to ask about my love life or talk about if you haven't got laid by a certain age then you are not normal. But if I adopt a positive outlook I could posibly solve this problem. Talking to people who are in the same boat as me has helped tremendously. I don't feel alone anymore.
  5. BrokenHunny

    BrokenHunny Member

    What about if you can't afford counciling and you have no friends to talk too?
  6. nimh

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  7. headymoechick

    headymoechick I have no idea

    I can't afford counseling and I have no friends that care enough to listen. So you know what I'm doing? making myself happy with what I have and I'm going out to meet new people.

    And you always have people here to listen. PM me anytime you want even if it's just to rant and rave. I'll be happy to listen!

    But anyway, I have gone almost 3 weeks totally happy. Just because I decided to stop being depressed and be happy. I've been depressed since I was 12 and I'm just sick of it. I decided to fake being happy until I really feel it. I pinpointed all my problems and decided to take charge and pick myself up. It works!! I feel great!
  8. TheLizardQueen

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    I've had depression since 2001, self diagnosed, no med or councilling or anything. Just try to get out, take walks, try new things, it really helps.
  9. lynsey

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    Get your blood sugar checked mine is low and if i go to long without eating i get way moody. st johns wort works wonders too but you can't take it while using birth control it will increase your chances of becoming pregnant-which would make you even more depressed heh.
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    There are places that offer counseling to those who cannot afford it. Call your local health and human services and ask.These places can also tell you where you can maybe get out and help others. Like taking meals to those who cannot get out or just helping at the local food bank etc. I have been depressed for a while now and it's helps me a lot to know that I can help those that don't have as much as I do.
  11. Bilby

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    See my post in Ex -smokers in thsi forum.
  12. juggla

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    a bullet to your brain,

    but really try something new, like a hobby, or spend more time with friends, do something that keeps you occupied, if you really need medication its nothing to be ashamed of i was on prozac and effexor for 2 years.
  13. Billy Brown

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    one small thing to try is carefully maintaining your outward appearance. when im in a serious depression i make sure to shower and shave each day, and i try to wear clean clothes, even though these may be the last things on my mind. it helps me out a little bit.

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