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Discussion in 'Fashion and Crafts' started by dread_wannabe, May 29, 2004.

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    ok guys here is the thing i have been dying for dread for like seriously a couple of years and my mom keeps saying no. and i dont think it is the kind of thing to just come home with one day and be like :"suprise" so she said that she would put my hair in tons of small braids and if i could keep them from stinking and take care of them and all of that. that if they turned to dreads then so be it. i know this takes like forever but does it work? if not any ideas on hair to slowly get dreads with out the neglect thing. we own 3 beauty shops that i go into all the time to close and things and it wouldnt look good. by hair is just a little past my shoulders and is pretty dry any ideas and tips would be greatly appreciaited
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    I wouldn't do the braid thing. Your braids won't turn into dreads...and if they do happen to knot up a bit, your "dreads" will looks really retarded. I don't really know how you can dread your hair "gradually" unless you just go natural. But I think your best bet would be to just backcomb your hair into dreads and wait for them to tighten up. Hmm...good luck with whatever you do.
  3. the problem with braiding it and letting them grow out is that you get half and half. so then you think i know i'll take the braids out, and your left with a huge frizz and some bread. so you have to back comb it to get it the same, but then the ends are stupidly loose and crappy.

    i got as far as taking my briads out then i grabbed shed laods of conditioner and got rid of it all...

    so go for back combing...
  4. I suggest backcombing it and then rubbing a wool hat over your hair for about 10 minutes every day.
    It tightens em' up and shit.
    You could use wax, but I wouldn't reccommend it.
    go to these websites for tips.
  5. fizzy_elf

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  6. sarahstar

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    well... if you want them fast and aren't opposed to it, you could always go get them done. that's the only "fast" way i can think of.
  7. migglebutt

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    I know a guy with dread locks, he said "don't wash it, don't comb it" and that he has "black mans hair" :confused: So if you've got really thin hair I don't think it would work. I don't really know anything about it :D

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