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Discussion in 'Writers Forum' started by off_my_feet_freak, Jun 6, 2004.

  1. hey there. I've really been trying to expand on my writing.... But i use writing as a emotional outlet so it comes out dark a lot. I want to write about the lighter side of life butj ust can with the same quality... It is really bringing me down. you know. can i get any tips from nice folks... It would really help me out. Theres so much more to write about, i feel like im missing out.

    Help and thanks
  2. Musikero

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    Since you use writing as an emotional outlet, then the only way I can see for you to write about "the lighter things" would be for you to start feeling light. Try writing something happy when you're actually depressed won't work because it wouldn't be sincere, would it? Unfortunately, I cannot tell you how to start feeling happy (or stop having dark thoughts, for that matter). Perhaps in time you will learn to write about the lighter side of life. In the meantime, do not shy away from the darkness in you. The darkness is as much a part of you as the light.
  3. veinglory

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    Try opening your writing out so that some of it is for pleasing an outside audience? Most readers prefer happy endings and they will push you in that direction.
  4. Sebbi

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    Just welcome the dark side of you. Don't cling to it, but don't push it away.

    Just let it out and it will come out.


  5. weaselpop

    weaselpop Member

    I have the same problem; I find it hard to keep death or violence out of my stories. They're dark, but light at the same time, so it's not that bad.
  6. I find that when I write, it is almost always when I am very upset. What I write seems like it comes from somewhere else, in that the words come spilling out, and put themselves together. When I put what I feel down on paper, it makes me feel much better. Like the emotion is in the words on the page, not so much in me anymore.
  7. Samhain

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    most of my work is very dark, I don't know if its a problem or not, maybe when it all ends up sounding the same I'll look towards writing something a bit less dark.
    I think its very healthy for the soul to let your dark side out through writing, I wouldn't let it worry you
  8. i pretty much only write "dark" stuff, i have actually tried to write lighter stuff and it never turns out as good, ive never written anything light that i would feel comfortable in showing someone else, but with my darker stuff i dont have that problem

    ESRUOS ENO Senior Member

    The wolrd is dark turn on the light and let it shine shine shine...
  10. heywood floyd

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    A good way to write a happy story would be to write about a dolphin who has fallen in love with a penguin... but then again, maybe the fact that it's an inter-species relationship would cause some bitter feelings among the other dolphins and penguins, especially if the two are especially attractive to their own respective species.
  11. stalk

    stalk Banned

    Listen and read Jimi Hendrix.

    For real.

    Right now...
  12. Bhaskar

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    Bring light into your heart and allow it to brighten your words. Any honest writer will always write as she is.
  13. like.whatever

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    If you want to write something happy, you have to write when you are happy. That or gain a mastery of your emotions to the point where you can create them on command.
  14. The Instinct

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    I have the same problem. Almost all my stuff is dark probably because those are the feelings I need to release. Good stuff I try to keep-however few and far between they are.
  15. My writing is always dark, even poems/stories of happiness have a dark over/undertone, though then again I love the darkness and dark literature, it's all I have ever known
  16. Vetty214

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    I've gone through a similar "effort" after I read a Mary Oliver poem called "To the Poet with His Face in his Hands". The message there was "the world has enough of that sound". I recently realized that a body of work is a reflection of the life and times of the poet so we do indeed need to be writing in reaction and about what is happening around us. I lot of times that is darkness - so do write that if you are connecting with that.

    I do however think it is important to "stretch" as a writer and try to write different things, different forms, etc. Two things that worked for me (although even both these tactics would still end up dark at the end in some cases) is 1) focus on a very small detail and describe it... i.e. a grand tree blowing lightly with the whisper of a spring breeze and how it makes you feel and 2) putting yourself inside the mind/view point of someone else... write a poem about eating a melting messy vanilla ice cream cone through the eyes of a five year old who is sharing it with their dog...

    some examples, keep writing whatever comes!

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