How to came back to yourself after a bad trip

Discussion in 'LSD - Acid Trips' started by yoni42, Sep 21, 2013.

  1. yoni42

    yoni42 Guest

    Hello Guys, its me again.

    so after I got bad Nbome experience I finelly understand how
    Psychedelic really works, and how to Recover your self after A bad experience.
    There are some steps you need to do I'll write and explain each step in detail.

    1. Understand what happened to you on the trip and how it happened.
    2. be in a comfortable atmosphere for you.
    3. Eat, drink and sleep well, do not take any drug. (Meditation and listen to music very helpful).
    4. Stop thinking about your bad experience, and that is something wrong with you.

    What really happened to you in a bad trip experience?
    The human brain is one of the most complex minds we know today.
    not all your brain work 100%
    you Have parts of the brain working more and you have parts work less or just do not work (sleeping).
    Psychedelic drugs have the power to change the function of your brain.
    Like what I explained to you before, they can cause the brain to enable you places that were sleeping, And cause to other locations working more or less.
    So basically some people develop mental illness or they lose themselves completely.
    Some of them manage to fight it and some can not.
    Because they cause their brain to take over themselves.
    The good news is that you can control your mind, but it will take time and independent work.
    You must understand what you've been through the experience.
    the experience changed you perception, thinking and feeling.
    but this happened to you now and you really want to go back to yourself.
    First ask yourself how it happened?
    For example, I give what I experienced.

    1. I thought something was wrong, that my experienced is not normal.
    The answer is that I did not know I was taking NBOME.

    2. Then following a strange feeling, I began to fear that thick and I thought people talking on Me (that something is wrong with me).

    3. I get in the car, I thought my friends crying because something was wrong with me and I lost myself (about 10 min).

    4. I started to freak out and check if I;m taken to a psychiatric hospital.
    (and It didn't was true, of course).

    As you can see, the steps of each loop was because I was not aware that it is NBOME, because of that I was thinking that something was wrong with me.

    Now that you understand what caused your Trip into bad.
    Make the next step, understanding that it was only a trip and you went idiots. now you understand that it was only a trip, but It doesn't go away!
    Why is this? Well I explained that psychedelic drugs changes the brain.
    You now understand that it was the trip change you, it was the first step in your bad trip cuse this "mind change".

    "I thought something was wrong, that my experienced is not normal."
    Why the first step? If I have loops that happened to me following it?
    Answer: Because the first step in your bad trip is the base that made you change and develop loops that you never had before.
    The first step is the basic for the damage caused to you, if you deleted and stop thinking about it, All the rest of the symptoms will be disappear.
    There are several ways to make it disappear.

    1. Every time you feel it "returns" say to yourself, No! And stop concentrating about it.

    2. Think as you think usualy, your thinking is not dead, just less work and sleepy.

    (Even if it's hard to keep your old thinking in time it will be easier for you, I suggest you listen to music You like to hear)

    3. Concentrate on other things, hobbies you love to do, friends, family, vacation, work.
    (If you do not feel comfortable to work or to be with friends to be with them don't be with them, It can make it worse).

    Something important you should know, and I'm talking to people who want to return to take LSD after a bad experience.
    Better to take the LSD as long as your situation get better, because if your situation will not be good, your chance that the Effect will return is more possible, and maybe it can be worst.
    Some people it can cause them a good experience (all up to you).

    And continue to smile and believe in yourself. :sunny:
  2. Ol' Zeus

    Ol' Zeus Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Why post something about NBOME in a LSD forum?
  3. yoni42

    yoni42 Guest

    Because its a psychedelic drug, and the after effects after a bad trip are the same.
  4. Ol' Zeus

    Ol' Zeus Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    There are many psychedelic drugs, but LSD is a specific molecule. Your post should go in the synthetics category, not LSD. I am just tired of NBOME and LSD being compared, they are not the same thing, nor do they have the same effects, or adverse effects.
  5. yoni42

    yoni42 Guest

    they are not the same molecule.
    bot they work on the same part of the brain, Nbome is also specific molecule.
    they have not the same effect in a trip, but when its comming to bad trip, the after effects
    are similare the same.
  6. Silent_Bob92

    Silent_Bob92 Member

    I'm still not recovered after a shroom trip I had alone around half a year ago (4 grams). Had my mom walk in on me at 5 in the morning. I was still tripping pretty hard but I managed to go to the bathroom and wash my face, then go back to bed. I doubt she knew I was on anything but it fucked me up mentally. I haven't tripped since. This thought always goes through my head whenever I think of tripping "What if she finds out I was in another dimension". It may sound funny, but that was the scariest shit ever that still haunts me.
  7. yoni42

    yoni42 Guest

    can you tell me exactly how and what happen in your bad trip?
    and what is your after efect?
    hi mate half year its not much, I had a friend had that effect 2 years
    and its gone after 2 years.
    its depends on how the trip was bad, and on you.
    and hes trip was really bad.
  8. gendorf

    gendorf Senior Member

    nbome should be avoided.
    I agree with zeus...
    please dont corrupt the lsd thread with nbome. That belong to synthetic drugs thread,

    other than this.. I think you are on the right path.
    avoid drugs for a while. nbome is bad for the heart. very bad. permanent damage bad.
  9. yoni42

    yoni42 Guest

    I didnt compare LSD to Nbome, I just give some advice when you got Bad trip
    on Psychedelic Drugs.
  10. yoni42

    yoni42 Guest

    guys sry for duble posting, but I finelly got the answer what cuse you a bad trip.
    It is the "Lack of awareness".
  11. Silent_Bob92

    Silent_Bob92 Member

    It was a wonderful trip till I heard my mom's alarm clock go off. Got up of my bed as If I was going to the bathroom, saw her right there standing next to the bathroom door asking me If i slept at all. I don't even know what i said to her, but after i got done with washing my face i just popped a xanax bar and tried falling asleep for like 2 hours. During that time I was thinking of how bad i fucked up.... It's all about fear with psychedelics. All I do now is DMT once in a while because it only lasts for about 5 minutes and I don't have to worry about anyone interrupting me.
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    haldol ..

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