How secure is your wireless network?

Discussion in 'Computers and The Internet' started by rmorgan, May 27, 2006.

  1. rmorgan

    rmorgan Member

    My wireless network is as secure as current technology will allow. These are the security controls I have implemented:

    (1) WPA2 with a 63 character, random passphrase
    (2) MAC address filtering (I know, I know, but defense in depth is the idea here.)
    (3) Non-reply to SSID requests (SSID is not the default)
    (4) Directional antenna
    (5) Broadcast strength is throttled slightly down
    (6) I check my wireless router log file at least once a week.
  2. HikerHauk

    HikerHauk Banned

    i used to make sure its secure

    now i've made it a public AP
  3. HikerHauk

    HikerHauk Banned

    btw, r. morgan or rm organ (awesome!)
  4. PawPaw

    PawPaw Member

    Bless you my son.
  5. HikerHauk

    HikerHauk Banned

  6. CadenceKid

    CadenceKid Member

    i have mine open for all to use.
  7. Ripliancum

    Ripliancum Member

    I guess in a big city with lots of people around a good secure wireless network would make sense. But in my town unless some wierdo comes wondering around my house with his laptop i think I'm pretty safe. I have it open to everything. My friend who isn't so computer literate, saw a program on TV showing the dangers of people steeling info from wireless networks. He freaked out and had me add security to his. What a load of crap in my tiny little town.
  8. the6peace8keeper

    the6peace8keeper Born Again Satanist

    I leave mine open, only one persons ever caught on its even there.
  9. CadenceKid

    CadenceKid Member

    my whole neighborhood already has wireless, and i live in a small town.
  10. sho95

    sho95 Member

  11. Raving Sultan

    Raving Sultan Banned

    gotta make sure nobody steals all the porn on my computer
  12. PsyGrunge

    PsyGrunge Full Fractal Force

    i have an internet protocol scrambler which ensures that my pc never connects using the same IP address and produces fake IPs to confuse hackers.

    1 word - belkin
  13. Adderall_Assasin

    Adderall_Assasin Senior Member

    hahaha. that means nothing. a hacker only needs your external IP (internet protocol) address. all ur doing is changing your internal ip address. ur behind a NAT with a belkin anyway. and i have a belkin 125mbs router and it sucks. it gives off the worst signal strength i have seen. i can get a better signal from my niebors router thats like 6 houses down from me. all i have to do is scan ur router to find out what internal ip addresses it has.
  14. Adderall_Assasin

    Adderall_Assasin Senior Member

    looks good bro. another good tweak would be to close TCP ports 137-139 from incoming and outgoing access to your router. (unless you connect to ur computer from work or something)

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