how open does it need to be?

Discussion in 'Cannabis Outdoors' started by budblower10, Apr 9, 2007.

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    guys, where do most of you grow. i mean, in the woods in a clearing, a field or what? i found some open areas in the woods (where its still inside woods but there is a nice little opening due to trees being taken down) and i was gonna put some in the sticker bushes and also around a pond, but i dont know how big the opening has to be. i could cut some of the small trees' canopy away around the pond, and that should open it up more. i mean, i dont know how to measure how much sun a spot gets, and i dont want to dig 50 holes to find out that its not enough light. One spot is right on the edge of a pond, and there are trees hovering over the edge from the wood side, but the pond side is wide open, i dont know if it will be enough - does it have to be completely open? I know it has to be open somewhat, b/c last year i grew in some pines and it didnt work at all. does anyone have any pics of there spot inside some woods? a pic of the clearing? i appreciate it, lol, thanks

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