how often do you practice?

Discussion in 'Yoga and Meditation' started by physicalxgraffiti, May 22, 2004.

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    I was just curious how often all of you practice yoga. I just started about a year ago, and I used to go to a center every Monday/Wednesday. Now that the classes are over, I want to start doing it on my own. I'd like to do it everyday, but I'm always sore the next day. Should I work through the soreness? or give it a rest?
  2. Chodpa

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    As with any physical excercise one needs to have a long term apprenticeship to develop healthy and stable results. Too fast practice of any excercise will damage tendons and bone structure which especially when one gets older will hurt alot. So especially with hatha yoga one feels the pressure to perform because of all the beautiful and limber people right? But yet, hatha yoga especially is something to take slow because it does effect the body in such a wholistic and deep fashion. So one should for sure take many warm and cool baths to limber muscles and ligaments, and really take it slow with some real sense of committment. If you do follow this route then you will see a huge measure of new ability without strains and set backs. Also, if one is given to using a good bit of effort then you should seek out a good Ashtanga Vinyasa 'Power Yoga' teacher as they practice in a very hot enviroment which makes one limber much faster. Otherwise, do Iyengar, and take it slow.
  3. Casperthesheet

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    I do mine in the morning when I get up. Afterwards I meditate for a little while. It really makes the day a whole lot bitter.

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    i practice meditation twice daily and sometimes a little at lunch time.
  5. Dancing_Sun

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    Daily. I agree with taking it slow. Everything in moderation. Yoga should feel good, and progression happens at a different pace for every body.
    morning is best for me as well. Starting with sun salutations facing towards the east:)
    It makes my day more grounded
  6. Sunshine1603

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    Every evening. I get home from work and head straight to my yoga mat to ground myself. After yoga, I meditate for about 15 minutes. I've been practicing yoga daily for about 8 months and it's helped me so much.
  7. MamaPeace

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    Daily. One hour of yoga followed by some meditation and then usually meditation in the evening too.
  8. Driftwood Gypsy

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    At least once a week, sometimes as frequent as every other day.

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