how much will Chris Christie aske the feds for now?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by rjhangover, Sep 13, 2013.

  1. rjhangover

    rjhangover Senior Member

  2. It's really sad...that boardwalk. :(
  3. monkjr

    monkjr Senior Member

    Yeah just sad, but I'm wondering if we should even build it again.

    Part of me feel like $ should be taken out and just given to the owners of the businesses who lost everything again. Let the individual decide what future they want now.

  4. Yeah... I kinda feel the same way. I can't imagine anyone having money out of their own pocket to re-build again, but I guess they wouldn't have to...even without the fed there is insurance..but still...

    you know, with how windy it gets on the beach...its a wonder there aren't more fires on boardwalks, right?
  5. rjhangover

    rjhangover Senior Member

    Well Obama has already promised relief for Colorado flood victims. And I'm sure Hawaii is going to get some help restoring the harbor wiped out by the molasses pipeline leak. Then there's the Syrian war costs, and the threat of government shutdown in October. It's going to be interesting to see the heartlessness of the GOP. As far as they are concerned, the U.S. probably only has money for more war.
  6. Well, regardless, they'll hang over the money for disasters...they always do. It's a non-issue. It's just talk.
  7. scratcho

    scratcho Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Hey, wait a minute. Republicans don't ask for money from the government. They'll just pull themselves up by their "bootstraps". Please don't make them seem like hypocrites.
  8. monkjr

    monkjr Senior Member

    Hold up a minute people!

    Remember the GOP actually DID slow down expediency of funds given to victims of Hurricane Sandy. To rephrase that, I mean that they did not shell out disaster aid as fast as they have before for similar disasters without trying to use the disaster relief as a political tool.

    They eventually approved funding, but they weren't as expedient about it and in the meantime lots of locals suffered. So I'm sorry to say I'm not as quick to say as AT, that disaster relief aid is a "non-issue".

    GOP's been making everything an issue lately.

    (Don't have short memories people remember the details and always bring up them to annoy the mainstream if they are logically applicable to the topic of discussion)
  9. ^ Yeah, you are right about that. I actually kinda forgot about that actually. :)
  10. monkjr

    monkjr Senior Member

    I have a long memory, although having Rachael Maddow on MSNBC keeping track of all the GOP behavior at the federal and state level helps, as does the existence of youtube + CSPAN.
  11. Piney

    Piney Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    I'd like to see the Boardwalk rebuilt as a non partisan issue. its about 10 min from here, shame the loss.
  12. monkjr

    monkjr Senior Member

    It is, but as a country we have to ask if rebuilding that area is a smart investment.

    Especially if hurricanes or other weather related events are gonna destroy that area every 2-5 years to the same level Sandy did.

  13. Hey... I actually gotta chime in here to say that NJ beaches are not exactly a big risk area to live or have a business compared to plenty of other beaches in states such as FL, CA, and even as far north as the Carolinas.... Super storm Sandy was a freak event.... as I'm sure you know ....hurricanes like that don't hit the NJ, NY, DE, MD area of beaches very often.... around here (those states beaches) it's usually just tropical storms and not bad damage.

    So, yeah.... that was a freaky event that really shouldn't be repeated- at least not for a long time.... so when you say weather related events destroying that area every 2-5 years... not an issue... not gonna happen....
    I'm from around this area (not NJ... but I'm nearby in PA) and the beaches around here (the states I mentioned above) just don't get stuff like that usually...
  14. pensfan13

    pensfan13 Senior Member

    I didnt see numbers but from what i heard it might have been 80% of seaside park but seaside heights was not hit badly by the fire and a vast majority of the boardwalk is on the heights side. Last time i saw it on the news they said 30 buildings i dont know how that counts maybe they meant 30 stores or stands. I will have to check it out a lil more but i wouldnt call this a federal aid situation. Insurance should cover most of it. The ones without insurance will have a tough choice but no reason not to rebuild.
  15. monkjr

    monkjr Senior Member

    Okay, I hear you out on that.

    But remember all that statistical data, about which areas are more likely to get hit by a storm, and the storm having a certain power/intensity level, is all based on outdated weather models, because the ocean currents and atmosphere are all changing.

    For instance everyone agrees, that the climate is warmer, and that the ice at the North and South Poles are shrinking. The debate is about the causation of how much man has accelerated that process or not, but that's not what we're discussing here.


    In the mid-west, this is the 2nd or 3rd year now that we've seen EM-5 strength Tornadoes, and statistically those USED TO be rare. Now it's an almost annual occurrence.

  16. pensfan13

    pensfan13 Senior Member

    Ok so we wont rebuild the boardwalk in the mid-west then.
  17. rjhangover

    rjhangover Senior Member

    Hypocrites, really?
  18. rjhangover

    rjhangover Senior Member

    You mean like rebuilding New Orleans, which is below sea level?
  19. rjhangover

    rjhangover Senior Member

    Two disasters in less than one year. Don't you think the aliens are trying to tell us something?
  20. pensfan13

    pensfan13 Senior Member

    no it is fact that it is not aliens until it is three different and unique disasters to hit one specific area. if we see a tornado or a meteor hit seaside within the next 12 months i am joining Scientology.

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