how much is too much?

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by NODRAMAMAMA, May 28, 2004.



    We live in a society of over-endulgers, so I ask, How do we know exactly how much is too much? People are constantly complaining about too much of every thing, too much traffic, too many people , too much noise, too many kids, too much, too much, too much... Is there any thing besides money and sex that you can't have too much of... and how do you know that your approaching too much? We should have some sort of warning system, where some kind of alarm goes off...WARNING, WARNING: you are aproaching peek pot indestion level. or WARNING, WARNING: you are approaching maxium bitch intake, please leave work at ONCE to avoid Bitch overload. How do we know?:cool:
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    there, problem solved.

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