How Lucky Are Coslept Breastfed Babies?

Discussion in 'Attachment Parenting' started by aphrodite_pretty, Feb 16, 2014.

  1. I realized this morning how awesome my son has it. Imagine this is how you go to sleep every night. You are snuggled up right next to your absolute favorite person in the world (or people, if your co-parent sleeps with you!) in a warm, snugly bed. And whenever you want, without you doing anything, your favorite drink just magically appears. You drink as much of it as you want, snuggle up to a soft warm pillow that never gets cold or bunches up in a way that is uncomfortable and you go right back to sleep.

    Damn! Can't beat that! Wish I could get a pillow of warm hot chocolate to drink from all bloody night every night while cuddled next to hubby. I'd never leave the room!

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