How long to wait before swimming?

Discussion in 'Body Modification' started by minkajane, Apr 6, 2007.

  1. minkajane

    minkajane Member

    I got my nipples pierced four days ago. In a month, I'm going to visit my sister in LA. She wants to take me to the beach. Will it be safe to go swimming in the ocean by then? Also, would it be a bad idea for me to ride a roller coaster with a shoulder harness? We're going to Disneyland too.
  2. ahimsa

    ahimsa Senior Member

    It's hard to give a concrete time answer. The unhelpful answer to the ? is wait until it is healed. This is more of a personal thing than an amount of time. If the piercings are still crusting, hurting, swollen, or generally looking like an open wound(which it is), it is generally best to keep it out of water. If, on the other hand, the piercing seems stable and not painful, you might be able to try. To be honest, I think a month is pushing it especially for LA H20. I sometimes get bacterial infections just from swimming. The best you can do if you decide to swim is clean it well with saline and wash off any debris.

    The rides should be fine as long as the harness doesn't press directly on the nipple.

  3. DesertDog

    DesertDog Member

    Last time I got a tattoo I was told to wait two weeks, which is torture in Arizona in the summer
  4. toothfairy

    toothfairy Member

    I think it all depends on what the ocean is like, (pollution?) I found it really helped to heal my piercings. Also as Ahimsa said, depends what kinda shape your nipples are in by then. As for the roller coaster, as long as they aren't still too tender, you should be fine. Maybe wear a bra and a crop top under your clothes just to give them a little extra padding/protection.
  5. DeathRowDisco

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    Generally, you're told to stay out of water for 2-4 months.

    At a month old, they should be fine... especially in salt water. Generally, oceans and rivers are better than lakes or pools, because oceans are salt water and with rivers, it's moving water so it doesn't get/stay incredibly dirty.

    Be extra careful not to get any sand or anything in them, that will irritate the hell out of a piercing. I've done it a couple times, and even if it's just incomfortable while it's in there (clears up right away once you get the sand or whatever out of the piercing) it sure sucks for a few hours or however long it gets stuck in there.

    With the roller coaster harness, that's up to you. If it hurts too much, you're obviously not going to even WANT to do it. If it just hurts a bit but you think it's still worth it to ride the rollercoasters, that's your thing and it shouldn't matter too much. Just think of how many times between now and then that you'll be sleeping and turn onto your stomach, or a little too far on your side, and spend half an hour or more laying on one or both of them. There's almost never any avoiding putting pressure on a piercing, and as long as it feels okay to you, it's probably okay.
  6. like everyone else, i would say just do whatever is comfy with the coasters.
    as for the ocean, i get in there as soon as im pierced. salt water is very soothing for new piercings. it depends on how clean the beach is though, the ones here are like pristine unless youre near the warf. if you do go swimming, just rinse/wash it off after. chlorine is, of course, a bad idea.

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