How long do you think doses will last in these conditions....

Discussion in 'LSD - Acid Trips' started by asilos vulnerado, May 30, 2007.

  1. asilos vulnerado

    asilos vulnerado Senior Member

    Ive read through the threads about storing acid but it mostly just says what I already know. Cold, Dry, no light, freezer is best. However, I can't put them in my freezer so this is how they are currently stored....

    Double wrapped in aluminum foil
    Foil is in a ziplocked bag that I got as much air as possible out of
    Bag is in a tin can that I taped shut
    The can is in the pocket of a bag that is about 68 degrees fahrenheit

    How long should the doses last without degrading a significant amount?
  2. MountainMike

    MountainMike Member

    im thinking they should last a fecent amount of time... kinda hard to put a date on it, but i think youll be set for quite some time.

    correct me if im wrong. i am by no means an expert on storage...
  3. asilos vulnerado

    asilos vulnerado Senior Member

    Yea, I need them to last about 3 months
  4. MountainMike

    MountainMike Member

    once again, someone correct me if im wrong, but i think you should be set...
  5. eman resu

    eman resu Senior Member

    hahaha they will probably last your lifetime with that set-up thats a little extreme i usually just keep mine in a plastic vile or tinfoil in a sportcoat jacket.
  6. asilos vulnerado

    asilos vulnerado Senior Member

    hahahahaha yea well, at lest theyll be alright for the summer then :)
  7. PurpleGel

    PurpleGel Senior Member

    you're good for several years, at least.
  8. 3xi

    3xi Senior Member

    ya, you will be fine.

    i dont put mine in the freezer and i have had no problems. i usually buy 100 at a time and go through it in less than a year. -i dont notice any change in potency with the acid that sits there for a year.

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