How is your body effected by being vegetarian?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by willowbaby89, Aug 19, 2005.

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    the 'rotten egg' farts is from high protein :p

    i find so many people who think eating meat and eating vegetables are mutually exclusive. I probably eat more vegetables/fruits than 99% of vegetarians.
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    so i've recently stopped eating red meat, and pork, which is the other white meat hehe. and that was a huge step for me. but i dont think i can ever stop eating chicken! eventhough i feel gulity about it. anyone else out there like that? i looooooooooove chicken so much its like i depend on it. chicken parmesan is like crack to me. altho I have never smoked crack :) .
    anyways, i do eat/drink dairy products. maybe once i move out of my house, cuz my rents are junk food crazy junkies, but i dunno. reading about all of u who have stopped all of that and feel better makes me think i could possibly be making even healthier eating changes/choices? hmmmmmmmmm

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