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Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by BraveSirRubin, Oct 1, 2013.

  1. BraveSirRubin

    BraveSirRubin Members

    I've been thinking about this lately. I've felt like I have gotten a lot less interesting with age. I am not sure if this is simply a result of me growing up and caring less about appearing "interesting" to others, or if it's a direct result of me becoming more lame, partying less, and being less passionate about life, the universe, and everything in general.

    Do you feel like you have become more or less interesting with age? I guess, both in how you perceive yourself and how other people perceive you. What do you think is the cause of this?

    Thank you for your cooperation.


    Lower Management
  2. Aerianne

    Aerianne Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    I grow vastly more interesting by the day.
  3. BraveSirRubin

    BraveSirRubin Members

    Thank you for commenting. Could you please elaborate and let us, your audience, know why it is that you believe that you grow vastly more interesting by the day?

    Thank you for your cooperation,

    Hussein Moubarak
    Human Resources
  4. odonII

    odonII O

    Given you have only 2 green balls, nearly ten year posting and over 33 thousand posts - how do you justify thinking you are interesting anyway?

    Sincerely - Higher Management

    Seriously, I get what you mean, but it's relative, perhaps.

    Perhaps you have run through your 'game' and have nothing new to offer. I get that. I've been there. I guess with age you just stop caring. I know it is more healthy.
  5. I have a difficult time even speaking, for thinking I have nothing of value to say.
  6. YouFreeMe

    YouFreeMe Visitor

    Most people don't bother to get to know each other well enough to understand how interesting most everyone is.
  7. Aerianne

    Aerianne Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

  8. BraveSirRubin

    BraveSirRubin Members

    Most everyone could be interesting, in a sense. I guess it's a little relative. I do not think that two different people find the same things as "interesting". People do have different interests and get off on different notions, after all.

    Saying that everyone is interesting is almost a cop-out. Sure, everyone does have something in them that could potentially make them interesting, but doesn't saying that discredit those people who are truly and genuinely interesting? Aren't some people simply more interesting than others? Why do we, as a society, obsess over certain people? Isn't Einstein more interesting than your average scientist? Isn't Kobe more interesting than your average baller? There is something about certain people that makes them more interesting than others.

    I've always lived life being dismissive of most people. To be honest, I find most people to be a complete bore; to such a degree that I simply do not give them the time of day. This strategy may not have won me lots of friends, but it has sure as hell spared me of lots of small-talk with the "normies".
  9. BraveSirRubin

    BraveSirRubin Members

    Your green balls are bigger than my green balls :(
  10. BraveSirRubin

    BraveSirRubin Members

    "When an old man dies... his starving relatives eat his corpse for sustenance." - Donner Party proverb.
  11. odonII

    odonII O

    In the same space of time as you have gained 2 I have managed to gain twenty times as many - more so, I think. I must be one of the most interesting people on these forums, perhaps. My advice is, take an interest in others and stop being a bit of a prick. :p
  12. SpacemanSpiff

    SpacemanSpiff Visitor

    on a scale of 1 to 10 id have to give myself a 0.5
  13. BraveSirRubin

    BraveSirRubin Members

    Thank you for your advice on how to get green balls. For some reason I have always found the red ones to be prettier, so I was going for those. I was doing pretty well too, but certain people still gave me green ones, which distorted the balance. I will not strive to get more green balls so that I could be 22 times more interesting that I currently am.


    Dong Shitzu
    Director of Waste Management
  14. odonII

    odonII O

    It's far too late now, anyway.

    Kind Regards,

    Pest Control
  15. Aerianne

    Aerianne Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    With age we become not only more interesting but tasty, too. That's a win!
  16. usedtobehoney

    usedtobehoney Senior Member

    I can't say a ton about how other people feel about me, it depends on the type of people. In my family I am extremely uninteresting.

    Other people around my age tend to find me interesting, even some way older people, as long as they're not related to me.

    I find myself to be more interesting because I've had more experiences and my viewpoint is very different. I think in a way I care more about things that are more important than the things I used to care about and more importantly I don't give two shits or even one about whether people agree with me and I usually find someway to have an impact on the things I care about, even if in some very small way, it helps me to feel life is more meaningful and things can improve and change.

    Failure is interesting and having dreams and going after things is also interesting, having new experiences is interesting and having a unique take on things is interesting.

    Essentially everyone has several interesting stories they could tell, but it's more about how they tell a story that makes them "seem" interesting or not...they could be extremely interesting but if they're not even interested in their own story, it's going to be hard to see how interesting they truly are for anyone else.

    that's my take on it anyway.
  17. YouFreeMe

    YouFreeMe Visitor

    You are right, to an extent. I was thinking of myself, a shy and introverted individual. It is is easy to dismiss me, and others like me, as boring and conservative, when indeed we introverts can have a rich internal world. Very few people try and understand someone like that.

    You are probably correct, some people are more interesting to a greater number of people than others are. Einstein is interesting to most (but not all) people. I'm sure no one is universally interesting. But, everyone is interesting, in some way, to someone.
  18. BraveSirRubin

    BraveSirRubin Members

    I like what you said there. I would agree, everyone has stories, but few are actually good storytellers. A lot of people are also not very invested in themselves, as you say, "not even interested in their own story", and that makes it very hard for others to perceive them as interesting. Do you believe that some people are like that naturaly, or is it in a sense a result of "giving up"?
  19. BraveSirRubin

    BraveSirRubin Members

    Dear shy and introverted individual,

    Something tells me that people take one look at your face and instead of dismissing you, believe that you are more interesting than any of their extroverted friends. There is a whole lot of intrigue and allure in quietness, timidness, and shyness.
  20. YouFreeMe

    YouFreeMe Visitor

    Oh, aren't you hilarious.

    Honestly, most people don't give me the time of day. I'd like to think I am interesting....but wouldn't we all. YOU obviously consider yourself an interesting fellow.

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