How does one reconcile an existence of God with good OR bad boredom?

Discussion in 'Christianity' started by Anaximenes, Oct 9, 2013.

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    Now that the interruptions continue in the different camps on the question of preferring Science or Religious explanations for the origin of the Universe, I'll do my interruption as well. I guess boredom, or the ideal rejection of God in the need to work, the revelation that we give up to the authorities, give up to the will to ignore our fellowman is all explained for the just variation of deciding to "contingently" in a manner of believing, and thereby venturing to Act Freely.

    Only God can truly judge the good or bad boredom; only the authorities? In a manner of producing, being a member of the vocational community I must assume to be bored or not, because I understand from the authorities that I am not a contingent modifier: but that is only from the authorities.

    The question of acting freely may be evolutionary, or may not be, but really It has nothing to do with what a science or scientific theory could claim. Actually the question of acting freely is a God-given one, and if this is hard to believe it can only, in a wisdom of religion (perhaps Pagan non-beleiving), be alternatively classed a working will by the performance of government OR generally the establishment.

    Borders exist. In spite of what Peter Gabriel may have sung somewhere in the nineties (that decadent age of Narcissism) the transgression of these borders must create pain and grief; leading to war meaning very well that we have crossed each other's communities' borders. Some essence of there being BORDERS must determine a WAR situation.

    But never mind, what I would like to ask for today is what do you think makes work, or vocation to work happen. Really the new globalization terms can be done with. Maybe you believe that we simply just work because of conflicts in the international situation.

    God is reconciled with the facts of borders and nations. No, we cannot return to paganism. I think.:sultan:

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