How do you know what dreams mean?

Discussion in 'Dreams' started by Myrmidon, Apr 27, 2007.

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    How do you learn what the dream symbols are and what they all mean? Because that is something I'm always interested in, because all my dreams are weird.
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    Hello Myrmidon,

    well I thought there are as many answers as there are dreamers out there ... and each has their own symbols and their own way to understand (and hopefully you get many answers here as this is just 1 view). Dreams as well do not just have one fixed meaning.

    Maybe you want to start a dream journal and keep tracks of your dreams this way and how you feel about them.

    Know that you are your own best interpreter ... just go with your guts feeling, and what rings true inside you. Imagine the dreams unfold on the screen of your own answers. And even as you draw the images, you draw the deeper understanding of not only dreams, but of all in your life.

    The meaning is also in how you act on your dreams in your waking life.

    Sometimes when the analyzing mind becomes too busy, try and enter dreamtime from a state of half-sleep, and explore the infinite being that you are ... yep and all the worlds within and without ...

    Go deeper inside yourself ... enjoy the adventure ...


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