How do U get off/replace FENTANYL Patch?

Discussion in 'Pharmaceuticals' started by RxHEAD, Sep 1, 2005.

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    I am on medications for both mental illness and Chronic pain both combined am on a load of meds. Several like (6) months or so ago they started me on the 25mcg/h Duragesic transdermal system. I have had nothing but problems from the start with the Fentanyl transdermal system. I am using it currently every 72/h at 50mcg/h. So it claims.

    I in addition am still taking II-Percocet tablets three times a day and recieve #180 tabs per month in addition to taking Valium 10mg tabs TID taking a total of #120 in 30 days. Also I take Trihexyphenidyl 5mg TID, to help with the spasms. With all this you would think for the love of god I should at the least be free of horrible pain. Yet it's the same thing. The Fent. Patch.

    The Fentanyl Patch is nothing but pure evil to me! I started with the Mylan brand which from the start would not 'stick' to me. I ended up using 'tagaderm' equivelant dressing covers to TRY and keep it on. Then increase to 50mcg/h in the Brand form of Duragesic® which the adhesive on it would NOT stick to my skin leaving me to have no choice than to have a cover on it for a day and then use freaking duct tape and any kind of tape to keep the things on. Same with the Sandoz Brand.

    So since my pain still will not go away because I already Have problem skin should I ask my dermatologist about my skin and the delivery of the alleged 50mcg of Fentanyl that is ALLEGEDLY delivering into my blood stream per hour.

    I want to get off of the Fent patch, only I fear even with the fact I have to suffer either way in order to TRY to do what the patch is supposed to prevent is the over taking and running out early of the Percocet due to having to take them like candy to be free of pain. I am saying what would I take to get off the Fentanyl patch only do not think it comes in an oral form.

    If I were to switch to say 120mg/day of Moraphine oral, would I still go through major witdrawals from the Fentynal even if it is not delivering at 100% effective most of the time? Would I need to taper off the patch along with Demerol or Moraphine (oral) to replace the potentcy of the Fentanyl patch or am I once again dependant on yet another controlled substance in which I feel is not working worth a damn.

    This is my advise. Think very hard about using a fent patch for chronic pain and I would not recomend it to anyone with skin issues. Please any help from fellow Narcotic Pain med pts who use as intended? Something FDA approved in the US to end my suffering at home.

    Peace and Thanks-RXHEAD

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