how do i tell him?

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by kitty fabulous, May 26, 2004.

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    yea, i have the same problem, too
    ive only told a guy i liked him once in my life where he was too speechless to respond, but the next day i have transferred schools n hadnt seen him since....good times
    but i like a dude now thats a good friend and i wanna listening to these advices :)
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    start here:
    "I'd say get really drunk"

    then step 2
    "Try looking deeply into his eyes... "

    then step 3
    "give him a hug."

    then step 4:
    hand down pants.

    can't go wrong.
  3. kitty fabulous

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    AHHHHH! :eek:

    who's the vile unfeeling sadist that has resurrected this ancient thread, to cut me open & pour salt water on my already broken heart?! *brings wrist dramatically to forehead* *swoons*

    for alas and alack, my might-have-been love has long ago spurned and forsaken me, for fate has pulled us half a world apart and he has fled my arms for some distant island paradise of sparkling beaches, peaceful waters and throngs of eager sarong-clad hula-girls, leaving me Despondent and Heart-sick and Wasting Away from the Tortuous Pangs of Unrequited Love. ah, my distant friend, thou art thyself, though not a Montague! Romeo doff thy name (failing that, doff thy trousers) and in its place, take me instead! *swoons again*

    and Melancholy. did i mention Melancholy? fuck man, i got shitloads of Melancholy! you want some? actually twas probably for the best, for my life is in Turmoil at present, and my beloved indeed suffered from some Serious Affliction of the Heart best described as Being A Few Nuts Short of a Fruitcake. seriously, who would want throngs of sarong-clad hula girls when they could have me??? i've got vibrating cock rings and edible massage oil and tingling peppermint head gel for crying out loud! and so i Pine Away, Unloved and Alone, which, in my current Mental State, is Probably a Good Thing. *whips out cleaver and maliciously bisects a suggestive zucchini* oh yeah, and Melancholy. come and get it while it's hot.

    get away from me. don't touch me. you're too close.

    *cries, and pushes limits of melodrama by swooning yet again*
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    Oh kitty... You crack me up! LOL

    BTW... I'm currently reading "MORT"... I love Terry Pratchett.. :)

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