how do i meditate??! help!

Discussion in 'Yoga and Meditation' started by tinkerbella208, May 26, 2004.

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    ok guys .... im new to this whole meditation and yoga thing and i've been trying to read up on it and i just keep getting really lost ..... how can i start? what are some of the best things to do for beginners and some tips if anyone has any!! thanks guys!
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    my advice:

    get some relaxed music
    lie in the bed or whatever suits you
    remember to breath
    be aware of your body
    don't try to think, but also, don't try to not think. just relax
    don't meditate if you feel agressive, or uhm restless or uh, energetic?
    i prefer doing it at night, before i sleep
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    Good question. I can only tell you what I did. I learned Transcendental Meditation back when it was $150.00. Then I practiced that for ten years, and then fell away from the TM organization. By that time however I had a good bit of experience, and then I got in to Buddhism and focusesd on the Buddhist Tantra teachings which contain many meditations. Right now I am becoming more involved in White Tara, but I believe that Green Tara is really great for everyone. I would therefore, from my slant, really recommend studying the available teachings especially on Green Tara at These teachings are geared at developing wisdom as well as compassion. Both things of which are needed today, don't you think?

    I would recommend shamatha and vipassana meditations except that I have found that many people have real problems through straining to witness their actions, and this creation of strain is not what meditation should accomplish. In fact, one should feel a greater sense of balance, and harmony, every time they meditate. You can at least use this advice in the future. That you should test the effectiveness of your meditation based upon whether it makes you feel balanced and harmonious. Good Luck and give us some updates here on your progress.

    There is also my website, look under my user cp.
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    Best advice?

    Sit down, hold still and shut up!

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