How do condoms break?!!

Discussion in 'Sexual Health' started by Ice_Cool, Oct 10, 2013.

  1. Ice_Cool

    Ice_Cool Member

    Im 7 inches normal girth. i had never broken a condom. I have no intention too but Im curious to know how the hell does that happen?!!

    I use Durex condoms (ripped) and do store them in a nice cool room and use them properly, no air inside, plenty of lube outside and little lube inside. i open the condom carefully not to tear it off.

    I hear some stories of people breaking condoms all the time. I wonder did they really break the condom or their condom was already broken?!!!

    Im little muscular and I can fit my whole werets almost till elbows in the condom. I can fill the condom with water and it becomes almost as twice as humans skull size still doesnt break. So I dont think fat or dick penis alone can be reason for breaking the condoms and those guys arent that big anyway.

  2. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    slip and miss a heavy drag on bedding..

    or razor blades in vagina :eek:

    GLENGLEN Lifetime Supporter

    Methinks The Real Reason Condoms Break, Is An Over

    Inflated Ego...[​IMG]

    Cheers Glen.
  4. Irminsul

    Irminsul Valkyrie

    Thats why you should wear two condoms.
    You put one on and then rub some deep heat over it and put the second one on and if she starts screaming the top layer is busted, GTFO!
  5. Forest Parks

    Forest Parks Guest

    A few things can do it.

    If they are too big then you'll find the extra bunches up and can tear.

    If they are not lubricated and no lubrication has been added they will rub and tear.

    If they have been put on wrong then again they can bunch and tear.

    If sex goes on too long and everything dries up then the rubbing can cause the tear again!

    If they are too small then they stretch, rub and tear.

    That's just a few reasons! Get the right size and stay lubricated and there should rarely be problems!
  6. bikimaholic

    bikimaholic Member

    Not enough lube is the number one reason
  7. Forest Parks

    Forest Parks Guest

    I should have added that if they were past expiration or had been left in a really hot or really cold place for a while that could have contributed to them breaking.

    Did it seem like they were a little dry in the pack?
  8. nz male

    nz male Senior Member

    If the woman doesn't produce much natural lube of her own then use some Durex or other brands. It gives a lot more slip & less gripping.
  9. SunshineChild

    SunshineChild Mad Scientist

  10. If they break, you are using them wrong. Even if you go 60 thrusts (which is quite a lot) and you go 10 mins non-stop (can anyone do this both mentally and physically?), it won't break. It breaks only if the condom is already damaged. If whoever is putting on has long nails, the condom might get damaged and as you thrust, that damage starts to appear.
  11. My ego is the same girth as the OP's, I know this problem.

    Although latex condoms can stretch way bigger, girth is the only way they stretch on a penis. Stretch plus friction equals damage, more lube equals less friction and means less chance of damage. And don't ever bother with non-latex because you won't even be able to get them on.

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