How Did You Get Over Your Foot Shyness?

Discussion in 'Barefoot' started by canadiangurl941, Feb 18, 2017.

  1. I used to really hate going barefoot and now I really hate not being barefoot. This past year or so I've slowly started going barefoot more and more even though I was very foot shy. I remember being at a friend's house and I had just taken a shower and felt pretty tired and wanted to go to bed, I didn't put my socks on and when my friends asked I just said I was really tired and forgot. When summer came around I just wore sandals and toms and said it was too warm for socks. When it got colder I just wore converse and other shoes with no socks and now I pretty much never wear socks unless it's really cold (like it was recently grrr). And now pretty much everyone has forgotten about the person that always wore socks and everyone pretty much knows me as the person that goes barefoot as much as possible. How did you beat your foot shyness?

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    10 1/2 Years Ago.......I Threw Away My Shoes And Never Looked Back......

    I Suggest You Do Likewise......[​IMG]

    Cheers Glen.
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    I just started one warm summer day and that was it. My desire to be barefooted FAR outweighed worrying about what people thought. And once I freed my feet, I didn't care what other people thought.
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    If someone seems a little foot shy around me, I give 'em a good steppin' on they toes with my boots. ;) :D
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    i was born.
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    This is exactly the same way for me. Anyone who knows me is surprised when they see me in regular shoes and not sandals. As a kid I was painfully shy about going barefoot or anyone seeing my feet or toes, especially if you were a girl!

    Over time I was put in a lot of situations where I had to remove my shoes and socks, so I imagine the shyness diminished with each time an incident occurred. Flip flops were my best friend in beating foot shyness, your feet are exposed but you are not barefoot at the same time. Another way is going for a pedicure, having an attractive woman tend to my feet while having two other females watch and telling me that I do have nice feet helps a lot.

    I'm glad you got over your foot shyness Canadiangurl, welcome to the barefoot lifestyle. Enjoy your bare feet! [​IMG]
  7. A big part of getting over it was when I started keeping my shoes in the trunk of the car, I did this so I would not have to go look for them before I went out (hassle stop wait go find shoes just in case really needed) and this broke the habit of putting shoes on starting my day. They are outside.

    Early on I found that if I woke up barefoot and started my day that way it felt natural but if I woke up put on shoes for a few hours then took them off then I had that I am missing something feel barefoot and foot shy feeling more then if I never wore them.

    Barefoot is just normal now, shoes feel weird especially driving.
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    Most of my friends also know me now as the guy who's always barefooted, and I too feel weird with shoes on other than work.
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    We're all naked...Under our clothes.
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  10. I find it odd that the OP's friends would ask why she wasn't wearing socks after getting out of the shower. That's like asking something why they're not wearing pants when they get out of a pool.

    I do remember once as a teenager, I went over my girlfriend's house, and she came outside barefoot. We sat on her deck. A female friend of hers was there, and gave her grief about not wearing shoes... even on her own deck. The friend made her feel bad, so she went and put socks AND shoes on and came back out. Ridiculous.
  11. In reply to the OP's shyness question, though: I always wear flip flops when it's warm enough out to be barefoot. When you wear flip flops, you're already as close to barefoot as you can possibly be without actually being barefoot. And it seems to be perfectly acceptable in public to remove flip flops. If you're barefoot, but have flip flops sitting next to you, or hanging from your hands, nobody seems to care. It's strangely more about the presence of some sort of footwear, rather than whether the footwear is on your feet. It's a psychological game.

    In fact, when it's warm out, I typically just leave flip flops in my car. I leave my house barefoot, get in my car barefoot, and only put on the flip flops (which are already in my car) if I have to go inside somewhere that it's frowned upon, like a place of employment.
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    I go barefoot whenever I possibly can, and am proud of it. I like my feet a lot, and always find a way to get barefoot anywhere and everywhere. Though I have self confidence in it, I still often find fear in doing it in more public like places, more fear of getting in trouble than anything, though usually worst case scenario is just getting asked to put some shoes on.
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    Any girls tease you about going barefooted Sora? Just wondering.
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    Hm, now and then, yeah. My girlfriend does, but that's because she knows I like it. She goes barefoot with me, so that doesn't count.

    But yeah, in school girls would tease me about it all the time. I'd get plenty of weird looks and comments and questions about my dirty feet...kinda made me feel awkward a bit, but at the same time I totally loved it. The more folks who noticed my feet, the better. Definitely most of the comments came from girls
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    You only have this life, and most people that you're going to encounter as you are walking barefoot through the world you will never see again - so who cares what they think? If going barefoot is important to you and it's your thing than people need to accept you for you - who wants fake friendships? I know it's easier said than done for some. Just do what feels right and good. If that means going barefoot than who cares what everyone else thinks!
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  16. Look at the majority of advertisements for vacations in the winter places for places like "Sandals" the marketing dept knows people like to go barefoot, the theme of most of them is come to our vacation spot so you can go without shoes.

    I really believe that the most common thing most people think that that they would like to be barefooting too. I am not just trying to promote the sport by saying that, out of all the thoughts anyone might have if they bother to have one "I would like to be doing that too" has to be the majority.
  17. I was always a little wary of being barefoot. I was a very anxious child and I guess I was scared of injuring my feet if I wasn't wearing shoes. But when I was 19, a therapist I was seeing for anxiety recommended grounding exercises to help with relaxation. This involved taking my shoes and socks off and feeling the ground. The first time I did it was very early in the morning in the garden of my student house while my housemates were asleep. I thought if someone saw me they would find what I was doing weird. I actually kept up the secrecy for a year or so. Until one day I was at the library working on an essay and felt a panic attack begin to hit me. I remember rushing outside to get some air and pacing up and down and I just knew I had to ground myself to get control of the panic attack. That moment, barefoot outside the library was when I lost my shyness about being seen barefoot. Now, I don't give a damn. I even teach some of my classes shoeless.
  18. bunnygirl

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    it is quite normal in taiwan to see people barefoot. most people wear just sandals except at work. people seldom get concerned when i walk around in public barefoot.
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    So you're a girl from Canada looks like it from your user name?
    I'm from Seattle so it's always cold. I'm similar to you but I haven't beaten my foot shyness.
    I've fighting it but I'm close to almost not being shy.
    I was also thinking that age and time it self makes us change as I get older I got less shy im now 20 :/ I've been shy about my feet since I was 7. Do you agree? how old are you
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