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Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by corney, Sep 1, 2005.

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    ok so ive been seeing this girl for a bit.. and i was round hers the other day and things got a bit heated, one thing let to another..

    this was the first time ive done anything like this before, but ive read fhm/maxim and such, so i wasnt completely clueless but i am curious as to whether i did things right.

    I started kissing her, then her neck, gentle touching her breasts, bit more kissing on the neck, little bit of biting too (not too hard tho), nibbled her lips, slowly kissing her, then started to kiss her nipples.. slowly kissing one whilst gentle twiddling the other with my hand, and then vice versa.. then back to her mouth... then i went down further, kissing and licking her body (shes got a great body haha) then back up to her breasts, then her face again.. then i went even further, slid off her pantys but instead of going straight in id thought id tease a bit. so i kissed around her pussy, the inside of her thighs.. big more nibbling, more kissing then back up.. then after repeating it, i gave her pussy a very soft but slow lick, then started kissing her thighs etc again.. after a bit more teasing i started to lick her pussy up and down with the blade of the tounge uknow, getting it nice and wet.. carried on like that, then slowly moved up to her clit and started slowly flicking my tounge over it, up and down left to right.. i put my finger in her mouth, then slid it into her pussy whilst licking her clit.. ok so far so good, she wasnt making much noise so far.. so just carried on, and she started to moan more. i also had my hand on her stomach and could feel her breathing getting heavier as i carried on licking her clit.. i assume its a good sign when she kinda starts shaking, moaning and grabbing the top of your head and clamping her legs against both side of your face? haha

    wow.. that was a bit longer than i thought, but u get the jist. i was curious as to whether i got things right or not. thoughts ladies? she seemed happy enough tho, and wants me to come over again

    it was awesome tho, i think i could really get used to it :)
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    Got confused and thought I was reading a Penthouse letter for a minute...

    if she seemed happy, then you must have done something right...

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