how can i do this the right way?

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by HUNTA4LIFE, May 11, 2004.


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    my problem is that i am alone! simply put. i have no partner:( however to the masses i am the epitome of a good man, i am attractive to most, nice physical build,romantic, ood provider, sensitive,yadda yadda ya my problem however is that for my lifestyle im finding it hard to find a woman that can accept it or even be like minded!i am a devoted woodsmanand over the next year i am going to go back to the bush, to take up my place as a creation of nature to coexist as such was meant tobe+ all natural! im not a prophet or guru i didnt even have a name for the way i felt until i read crypto mans thread on dhammic socialism! but none the less apart of nature"s balance is the need for relationships and procreation.... on this site i read alot of threads posted by women who have like or similar minded interest as i but only to debate over or fanatasize about "how nice it would be... if only they could give up elimi-date or jerry springer" and im trying to meet some serious minded people and was wondering if maybe so of you good spirits coild point me in the right direction!
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    Er.... This is a bit out of my leauge being a teen with no serious relationship ideas. I would suggest looking for intrest groups in your area. I doubt the average woman in a club wants to leave it all behind so you might want to look elsewhere. It is probablly gonna be a hard search for your unique desires but I'm sure you can find someone. Good luck man
  3. Lenulka

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    I think so,you can find someone..maybe your"second half"...You know,I have problems with my relationships,too...because of Im too naive and idealistic,like a child...It makes my mom crazy..But what can i do?That´s me...So,be positive and good luck..

    HUNTA4LIFE Member

    for the rcord im entirely to busy to meet women in clubs or bars besides i like to make my own spirits and harves t myown smoke and that not something im trying to do in the law filled streets. im just a natural man looking for a woman who believes in a natural life soo...... i came here hoping there might be a different selection of sites for me to explore or the truly daring ... maybe my betta half would read this message and feel where im coming from and be prepare rto commit to such as a life as she has always been looking for me just like i am always looking for her... nature will provide me a mate i am sure it is the will of things! i was just trying to help it out some!
  5. Little One

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    good luck yo ... u'll find her:)
  6. i'm going out on a limb here. i know ive got issues, like with society. i always feel like running into the woods, and leaving it all behind. there are many times i could just wander in the woods for hours upon hours. i get these urges to just lay in a field of grass and cover my skin with dirts and leaves. it makes me cry to think about what has happen to this world. i don't know why. i want to give it up. it all.
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    Hi, if you are going to the bush you'll find some one there!, sounds like you lead an interesting life!! I guess we find love when we are least looking for it!!(Your not an Ralph Fiennes lookalike are you?) Only joking!!

    Depends what your after, really, I mean if you are looking to move perhaps a not so serious partner might be the best thing, As I say, bet there's loads of georgous lovlies in the bush. So what is your star sign, bet your an Aquarian?
  8. 7river

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    hey my brother
    i know what your going through, i got the same problem. although maybe i'm more fussy or closed minded but more important than meeting a like minded woman, i want to be in love with her...and there the pickings are real thin.

    but the world is full of beautiful people...couple of sites you might want to check out. and
    i have met some good women on both those sites. i recomend posting a profile with a pic (it is important i think to see ones see ones soul)

    do not sound so desperate...please dont take that the wrong way, i know you are just speaking your mind but some may think there must be something their missing...why your single, cause you sound like a good man...but that is our path at the is frustrating cause you have so much love to give and know you can make a great partner right?

    i actually have a friend who is looking for a guy like you...she is pretty much a vegetarian but does eat meat when needed. where do you live again? are you heading to ron and julies?
    send me a pm
    best wishes and much love to you brother:)

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